Cook Group Inc.

Developing health care devices for more than 45 years, Cook Group Inc. is a huge medical technology company in the Hoosier State. The business has offices all over the globe, and their headquarters is located in Bloomington, Indiana, approximately one hour south of Indianapolis.

Cook Group Inc. takes pride in being at the forefront of product development and medical research for diagnostic and therapeutic procedure technologies. The company has very humble beginnings, when flagship company Cook Incorporated was founded in 1963. Bill and Gayle Cook operated a small factory out of their Bloomington apartment. At first they built wire guides, needles and catheters. As the company grew, it expanded to other fields of medicine. Today, it is one of the world’s most popular names in the medical supplies and devices industry.

The Cook Group Inc. consists several companies in southern Indiana. Other companies owned by Cook include two allied manufacturing companies and six other organizations. French Lick Resort, Grant Street Inn, Star Meetings & Events, Star Travel Services, Cook Aviation Inc. and CFC Inc. are all owned by Cook Group Inc. Allied manufacturing companies of Cook Group Inc. include Sabin Corporation and K-Tube Corporation.

Cook has several manufacturing companies that are located in a variety of countries. Cook Inc., Cook Urological Inc., MED Institute Inc., Cook Biotech Inc., Cook Endoscopy, Cook Vascular Inc., William Cook Europe ApS,William A. Cook Australia Pty. Ltd., and Cook Ireland Ltd. are all of the manufacturing companies owned by Cook Group Inc. Altogether, Cook Group Inc. produces products for interventional radiology, inverventional cardiology, urology, vascular medicine, critical care and several other disciplines.

Cook Group Inc. recognizes four men who were innovators, Sven-Ivar Seldinger, Charles Dotter, Cesare Gianturco and Bill Cook. Sven-Ivar Seldinger was a Swedish radiologist who developed a technique that revolutionizes cardiology and radiology. Charles Dotter is considered the father of conventional radiology. Cesare Gianturco was an Italian radiologist who made many medical advancements through his research and work. Bill Cook founded Cook Group Inc. and in 2008 he was ranked as one of the richest men in America by the Forbes 400. Not only is Cook Group Inc. one of the largest Indiana private companies, but is too was listed in the Forbes 500 largest businesses with sales ranking higher than $615 million.

There are several opportunities for Indiana University students to work with Cook Group Inc., because of their close proximity to company headquarters in Bloomington. The Indiana University School of Medicine also benefits from opportunities and resources with Cook Group Inc. The company is also involved with campus events and teaching opportunities. Cook Group Inc. has been known to partner with schools to put on educational seminars. The Kelley School of Business and the Ernie Pyle School of Journalism at IU often collaborate with the company.

At one time, the Eli Lilly and Company spinoff company Guidant planned to acquire the stent business opened by Cook Group Inc. The plan was annouced and canceled in 2003 because a new Cook product did not meet industry standards. After this slump, Cook Group Inc. has continued to grow, and now there are several hospitals in downtown Indianapolis and worldwide that use Cook Group Inc. products.

Cook Group Inc.
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