Indianapolis Mural Sets Guinness World Record

The world’s largest paint-by-number mural stretches for 1,230 feet on Madison Avenue, just south of downtown Indianapolis. This rainbow colored piece of authentic Indianapolis artwork depicts major aspects of Indianapolis society, culture and community. The Indianapolis zoo, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and many famous people from Indianapolis were painted along the roadside during the 2008 Eli Lilly and Company Global Day of Service.

For nearly a quarter of a mile, bright flowers, children playing, happy moments and park adventures are displayed on this famous wall. The design was made by Hoosier native and former Art Institute of Indianapolis student Patrick Viles with the intention of showing fun, hard work and healthy living in Indiana. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized the mural as the world’s largest in 2008, a record that was previously held by China.

Eli Lilly and Company has a special volunteer program that took part in beautifying the city on their Global Day of Service. Altogether there were 20,000 Lilly employee volunteers who participated worldwide. About 9,000 Eli Lilly employees participated in central Indiana, mostly in Indianapolis. The event is part of Lilly’s Hands in Hearts program, which began in 2007 to enhance employee involvement with non-profit organizations.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Inc. is the organizing partner for the Eli Lilly and Company’s Global Day of Service. This group has been focused on beautifying Indiana since 1995. For example, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Inc. has planted more than 25,000 trees throughout the Circle City and has instituted recycling programs to preserve the environment. The mural was just one of 60 major volunteer projects throughout the Indy during the 2008 Global Day of Service. More than 50 other Indianapolis businesses and organizations collaborated on volunteer efforts.

Indy residents cannot ignore this monumental accomplishment when driving on Madison Avenue between Raymond Street and Terrace Avenue. The bright and eye-catching colors help to ease the flow of traffic and creates a scenic route in the Crossroads of America. Stretching eight football fields long, this landmark is a true Indianapolis attraction that has gone down in history.