Independent Sationers Group

Office supply stores in central Indiana sought to band together in the 1970s, forming a co-operation in order to gain more buying power. Independent Stationers is one of the most progressive office products buying group in the world.

Independent Stationers Group headquarters are located on the north side of Indianapolis, just off of I-465. The interests of the group are to provide independent companies with more buying power. There are more than 250 Independent Stationers Group members throughout the United States, and they sell office supplies, printing services, computer/IT supplies, furniture and many other products. The group also works to create coordinated membership services and agreements with manufacturers and wholesalers.

The organization partners with vendors and members to provide the maximum profit opportunities. The company began with just seven independent office supply dealers, with the goal of becoming the best customer sales force in the market. The co-op concept was already at work in the grocery and hardware markets, such as True Value, Do It Best Corp. and ACE Hardware. Independent Stationers Group became the first office supply dealer group in the United States to use this business model.

Although the individual member companies remained independently owned, a certain quality came with the IS. Group name. As Independent Stationers Group gained a name for itself in the industry, members began claiming their status as an Office Plus company. A certain quality and customer satisfaction became associated with the Independent Stationers Group brand. The group grew larger and larger, and eventually merged with another large group called Office Network. This agreement nearly doubled the size of the operation, giving members even more buying power than ever before.

Independent Stationers Group adopted their latest title in 1999. The name change was made in order to better represent group members, who were no longer just selling paper and pens. Over the years, Independent Stationers Group member companies expanded to supply furniture, computer & IT supplies, printing services, school supplies and janitorial & break room supplies.

The company has seen continued growth over the decades, and their latest expansion happened in 2004. Independent Stationers Group opened three distribution centers in order to stock supplies from 35 major vendors. This gives member companies major benefits, because the IS. Group is able to stock up on certain products, and benefit from the bulk buying costs.

Independent Stationers Group has contracts with some of the biggest name companies in the office supply business, including Hewlett-Packard, 3M, Hon and Avery. These high quality products come with a customer satisfaction guarantee that is backed by the brand’s name.

Independent Stationers Group member companies in the Crossroads of America are located in Anderson, Carmel, Richmond and downtown Indianapolis. It is especially important now for independently owned companies and small businesses to band together, as large corporations and national chains become more and more popular.

Independent Stationers Group
9100 N Purdue Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46768