OmniSource Corp.

For more than 65 years, OmniSource Corp. has been the expert on Indiana’s scrap metal. The company handles processing & transportation, marketing & brokerage and management & consulting for scrap metal recycling. Based out of Fort Wayne, OmniSource Corp. is one of the largets scrap recycling companies in North America.steel

OmniSource Corp. was founded upon the American Dream by a young man who traveled to America in search of a better life. Irving Rifkin was a 1920s immigrant who collected rags, paper and scrap metal for money. Hard work and savings allowed him to purchase his first yard in the 1940s, also located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Today, OmniSource Corp. is one of the largest Indiana private companies.

Each year, OmniSource Corp. handles more than 5 million tons of Ferrous scrap and more than 900 million pounds of Non-Ferrous scrap metals. Ferrous scrap products are made for foundry and steel mill melt applications. Non-Ferrous scrap gets processed through baling, shearing, briquetting, granulation, incineration, aluminum & lead sweating, secondary aluminum smelting or silver refining.

Aluminum work from OmniSource Corp. is done through a New Haven, Indiana based company called Superior Aluminum. This facility is conveniently located near some of the Hoosier State’s most industrial businesses, which cuts transportation costs for many companies. Superior Aluminum was formed in 1998, and is one of the very few aluminum facilities to be built in the last 15 years, which means they use the most up-t0-date technology in the industry.

Direct transportation services are offered by the company to remove scrap, by truck, rail or river barge. OmniSource Corp. has a large private truck fleet of more than 200 trucks, and more than 8,000 trailers/containers. This means that the company is prepared to remove any amount of scrap from a client’s property, big or small.

OmniSource Corp. works for several Indianapolis businesses in need of scrap removal, including jobs like the demolished RCA Dome, and many other downtown Indianapolis construction and demolition sites.

There are several core business values that the company uses to model their successful business. Integrity, respect, excellence, perseverance, customer focus, caring and citizenship are values that OmniSource Corp. guarantees its customers. The business goes to great lengths to ensure environmentally friendly practices. OmniSource Corp. is committed to efficiency that is produced with ecologically sound methods.

In 2007, OmniSource Corp. was acquired by a company called Steel Dynamics Inc.

OmniSource Corp.
7575 W Jefferson Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46804