Petroleum Traders Corp.

Over a billion gallons of petroleum products are delivered each year by Petroleum Traders Corp., one of the nation’s largest wholesale diesel and gasoline fuel suppliers. This company deals only in the continental United States, and does not export or import fuels outside of the country. The business was founded in 1979, and Petroleum Traders Corp. has been providing some of the industry’s lowest prices to customers ever since.

Petroleum Traders Corp. has a nationwide network, serving 39 states. Their coast-to-coast pipeline allows the business to maintain one of America’s largest fuel distribution networks. In order to save customers the most money, Petroelum Traders Corp. has designed a price management program that locks in fuel costs. There are also several other fuel payment plans that are flexible to customer needs, including floating index references, firm prices, caps, collars and fuel swaps. This allows Indianapolis businesses, and many others, to treat fuel as a managed and basic expense.

Petroleum Traders Corp. supplies commercial customers, and they are able to offer significant fuel cost savings to construction, railroad, mining, manufacturing and trucking customers. The company also benefits consumers in the public sector, dealing to government agencies, mass transit and school boards. To make delivery more convenient for customers, and to tailor to emergency needs, Petroleum Traders Corp. offers 24-hour delivery service every day of the week.

More than 30 years ago, Michael Himes founded Petroleum Traders Corp. and he is still the owner and active president of the company. His business focus has been on a combination of large national presence with local proactive services, which is why the company claims to be the “perfect hybrid” supplier. Petroleum Traders Corp. even takes part in Indianapolis education, because the company fuels a large majority of school transportation and bus services.

Fuel products distributed by Petroleum Traders Corp. include #1 and #2 low sulfur diesel fuels, high sulfur heating oil & kerosene, ethanol, biodiesel, and reformulated blends of gasoline in regular, midgrade and premium octane ratings. Petroleum Traders Corp. is also a wholesaler of high sulfur diesel, dyed LSD and dyed ULSD to turbines and other power generation services.

Petroleum Traders Corp. has hundreds of delivery or direct terminal access locations nationwide. There are several locations in the Hoosier State, including the cities of Muncie, Seymour, Evansville, Hammond, East Chicago, South Bend, Huntington, Peru and Indianapolis. Company headquarters are based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, making the business one of the largest Indiana private companies. Fueling power throughout the Circle City benefits the entire Indianpolis society, culture and community.

Petroleum Traders Corp.
7120 Pointe Inverness Way
Fort Wayne, IN 46804