Prime Care Properties LLC

In 1993, three men began Prime Care Properties LLC in order to find creative solutions for the physical, recreational, social and emotional needs of the elderly population. The Indianapolis business operates as a network of companies that own assisted living facilities or simply provide administrative oversight and assist leaders with turn-around for distressed properties. Jay Hicks, Arnold Whitman and Robert Davies joined forces to combine their collective talents and experience in sophisticated financing, risk management and senior care.

Because Prime Care Properties LLC remained a privately held company when the public sector was failing, they have been able to grow and thrive in the private sector. Through its rapid expansion and growth, the company is now one of the largest Indiana private businesses. Prime Care Properties LLC is best known for its integrity and honesty with residents, lenders and other companies within the assisted living industry.

Currently, Prime Care Properties LLC owns or operates 19 senior care facilities throughout the United States. Most of the assisted living centers owned by Prime Care Properties LLC are titled Brighton Gardens. Although there are no Brighton Gardens facilities in the Hoosier State, company headquarters located on the north side of Indianapolis, Indiana, just off of I-465. Other Prime Care Properties LLC facilities are located in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.

Prime Care Properties LLC offers many services to companies within assisted living and elderly care communities. Along with Marriott Senior Living Services and Sunrise Senior Living Services, Prime Care Properties LLC is able to offer the service of “purchase/manage-back financing,” which helps publicly held operating companies who are having a drag on earnings from its assets. Prime Care Properties LLC offers to help them get business back on track.

Another service offered by Prime Care Properties LLC is a turn around services for lenders. They assist lenders with troubled facilities, and take over ownership of many facilities in need. In the past, the company has bought two nursing homes out of bankruptcy and helped turn things around for the business with smart and experienced financing methods. In 2003, a public company that owned and managed 26 assisted living and dementia facilities went into bankruptcy. Prime Care Properties LLC was able to take over the facilities and install all new management. This not only helped the business stay afloat in the long run, but it ensured that the elderly patients were able to stay in their homes.

Prime Care Properties LLC has extensive experience with direct facility management. The company has financed construction and ownership of several assisted living and dementia facilities. This experience allows Prime Care Properties LLC to carry a great reputation of success in the industry. They have formed partnerships or collaborative efforts with countless senior living facilities nationwide.

Knowledge, experience, integrity and substance are the four pillars upon which Prime Care Properties LLC bases its business. For more than 15 years, senior living services nationwide have consulted or relied on Prime Care Properties LLC.

Prime Care Properties Inc.
10401 N Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46290