Telamon Corp.

Telamon Corp. is an Indianapolis business that specializes in telecommunications services. As one of the largest Indiana private companies, the company has locations in Carmel, Indiana, California, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Missouri and two facilities in China. Telamon Corp. is in the business of increasing efficiency for its clients by streamlining the business operations.

The message that Telamon Corp. sends to businesses is that they are working to “increase your revenue, reduce your costs and get rid of your headaches.” They provide a multitude of technology services, including materials management, IT support, assembly services and installation assistance.

Company headquarters are located just north of Indianapolis, in Carmel. The name of the business stems from a Greek word that means support. Telamon Corp. was established in 1985, and the now employs more than 300 Hoosiers at the local plant. For six straight years, the business has been ranked as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United States. In 2001, Telamon Corp. won the American Business Ethics Award.

Some of the company’s major clients are AT&T, Verizon, Angie’s List and Wishard Memorial Hospital. For many clients, Telamon Corp. hosts software and performs software maintenance. Many companies with small IT departments rely on Telamon’s support staff when larger technological  issues arise.

Telamon Corp. takes special interest in local communities. In 2008, the company put on a luncheon fundraiser for Governor Mitch Daniels, and they recently received the Company That Cares Award from United Way. Through all of their community service and local outreach programs, the Telamon Corp. has become integrated in Indianapolis society, culture and community.

The company takes pride in diversity, and it is a certified Minority Business Enterprise. In order to assist other companies that are owned by women or minorities, Telamon Corp. formed a network with other businesses called the Telamon Corporate Diversity & Minority/Women Business Enterprise Alliance and Partnership Programs. Promoting diversity in employment and throughout the business operations is a very important priority to the Telamon Corp.

Telamon Corp.
1000 E 116th St
Carmel, IN 46032