United Components Inc.

With establishments located throughout the globe, in Europe, Canada, Mexico, China and the United States, United Components Inc. has seen continual expansion since its opening throughout the Hoosier State. The company is headquarted in Evansville, Indiana and altogether it employs more than 6,700 people.

United Components Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of fuel & cooling systems products, engine management systems and filtration products for automotive, trucking, mining, construction, marine, agricultural and industrial clients. The business features a huge product line that consists of more than 60,000 parts.

United Components Inc. is currently one of the largest Indiana private companies. It is a part of the larger UCI Acquisition Holdings Inc. and six subsidiary companies fall under the United Components Inc. umbrella. Many other companies are a part of the United Components Inc. family, including ASC Industries Inc., Airtex Products, Champion Laboratories and Wells Manufacturing Corp.
Airtex Products began 1935 is now the world’s largest independent manufacturer of fuel delivery products. The company produces filtration products such as oil, air, fuel, hudraulic, transmission, cabin air, fuel dispensing and industrial filters. They also produce fuel products like pump assemblies, electric fuel pumps, fuel pump strainers and mechanical fuel pumps.

Champion Laboratories is owned by United Components Inc., and it was started in 1055. Champion Laboratories is one of the largest manufacturers of private label filters in the world, and they also make and design all types of filtration products for the automotive, heavy duty, industrial, agricultural and marine industries.

Wells Manufacturing Corp. is in the business of import and domestic replacement parts for the several markets and aftermarkets. In order to regulate the ignition, emissions and fuel management functions of the engine, and to determin vehicle performance, Wells Manufacturing Corp. makes engine management products like caps, rotors, emission components, sensors, electronic controls, ignition coils, switches, wire sets, solenoids and voltage regulators.

The company’s core values are outlined online. Integrity is the basic value behind the business operations of United Components Inc. They have a strict dedication to quality in their products and services. Employees are considered a core value within the business. One of the biggest core values expressed by United Components Inc. is the value of customers. The staff believes that timeliness with financial reports is another core value of operations.

Local communities really benefit from United Components Inc. They strive to contribute to local society, culture and community. The company also pledges to work within environmentally friendly conditions, in order to protect the health of the population nearby.

United Components Inc.
14601 Highway 41 N
Evansville, IN 47725