American Pianists Association: Supporting Indianapolis Musicians

The American Pianists Association in Indianapolis offers fellowships for talented pianists to bridge the gap between training programs and a professional career. This Indianapolis music association has been supporting young musicians between the ages of 18 and 30 for over twenty five years.

The American Pianists Association offers three separate fellowships per year: the DeHaan Classical Fellow, the Max I. Allen Classical Fellow, and the Cole Porter Fellow in Jazz. Each fellowship comes in the form of cash awards, fees, publicity, and recording and performance opportunities and are valued at $75,000.

The fellowships are designed to nurture young talent as it finds its foothold in the professional world. The association takes pride in not forcing any particular repertoire requirements on its artists, unless it is a genre necessary for competition format. A young artist who receives a fellowship is given the opportunity to develop their career in an extremely nurturing environment so as not to lose their passion for music. Also, because its Fellow is expected to perform, each year the American Pianists Association makes a valuable contribution to Indianapolis performing arts.

In addition, the American Pianists Association contributes to Indianapolis education. Fellowship grant winners are given teaching opportunities to better themselves and open up career options outside of performing. The American Pianists Association‘s education and community outreach organization is called “Concerto Curriculum”.

Fellows participating in this group find themselves teaching in a variety of different places to a vast cross section of the population. From private lessons to Indianapolis community center workshops, Fellows use these opportunities to improve their communication skills. The American Pianists Association offers these workshops at no cost to the host venue, and even offers to provide a professional grade piano to participants if one is not readily available.

The American Pianists Association was founded in New York City in 1979. Originally it was called the Beethoven Foundation. However, in 1982 the Foundation found itself attracted to  Indiana because of its central location in the nation, its affordable cost of living, and personal ties by two of its founders. The APA moved into Lilly Hall on Butler University‘s campus as part of an Arts Collaborative at the Jordan College of Fine Arts.

In 2003, the American Pianists Association began producing the Indy Jazz Fest, one of many Indianapolis fairs and festivals. For three days every year, the sweet sounds of jazz fill the Circle City. The festival is a prized Indianapolis event with plenty of activities for Indianapolis kids. In past years, big name performing artists from around the world have headlined at the Indy Jazz Fest, and the American Pianists Association is the driving force behind it all.

Since moving to Indy, the American Pianists Association has worked in tandem with some of the biggest Indianapolis arts organizations, including Clowes Memorial Hall, the Arts Council of Indianapolis, Harmonia Mundi, Indiana Arts Commission, Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and the Madame Walker Theater.

To find out more about different events and classes sponsored by the American Pianists Association, visit their website. Financial support is always appreciated, but your enthusiasm for music is appreciated as well.

The American Pianists Association
4603 Clarendon Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46208