Bill Cook: A Leader in Indianapolis Health

Bill Cook of Indianapolis is the founder of Cook Group Incorporated, a medical research facility responsible for many breakthroughs in medical technologies. Over the years, Cook Group Incorporated has grown to expand across the world. As a global leader in medical research, Bill Cook has been directly or indirectly responsible for breakthroughs in minimally invasive medical device technology and therapeutic procedures.

The Cook Group’s history dates back to 1963. Bill and Gayle Cook worked tirelessly in their small apartment in Bloomington, Indiana building needles and catheters. The success of their first “factory” spread like wild fire. In no time, Bill Cook became a leader in the Indianapolis business community and respected by other medical companies such as Eli Lilly and Company, the medical school at IUPUI, and hospitals across the Hoosier state.

As the company grew, Cook Group Incorporated expanded their ventures in medicine by making innovations in overseas medical product manufacturing and distributions, retail management, real estate, and travel and transportation services. After a while, they lead the way providing new medical materials and technologies to entire nation. However, the Cook Group stayed true to its roots by pouring money into Bloomington, Indiana University and their School of Medicine, and other Indiana cities South of Indianapolis near Bloomington.

Bill Cook remembers his inspiration in the early sixties that catalyzed his widely successful business. His conversation with his business partner, Charles Dotter, at a 1963 meeting of the Radiological Society of North America at the Palmer House in Chicago changed his life. Bill Cook recalls, “We discussed wire guide and catheter manufacture and what he thought the future would be for aniography. He became excited about his work, and yes, we discussed angioplasty. He hauled out his pictures of his famous plumbers wrenches that we’ve all looked at so many times. Once started his mind went non stop.”

In that same year, Bill Cook visited Charles Dotter’s laboratory “was the state of the art, the finest in the United States. When I arrived I saw how technicians used their own wire guides.” He goes on to describe the new Teflon technology being used in the production of catheters as an epiphany for his very own Cook Group Incorporated.

Bill Cook has served as CEO of Cook Group Incorporated well into his later life. At 72 he still held the position. As the head of his booming business, he has lead the way in innovations in producing stents and stent grafts, catheters, wire guides, embolization coils, tissue engineered medical bio materials, and vena cava filters. Through his company’s contributions to the medical community, breakthroughs in cardiovascular and urological medicine. Countless people’s lives have been improved through the advent of technology by the Cook Group.

Indianapolis and Indiana should be proud to have such innovation in their own backyard. Not only has Cook Group benefited the medical community around the world, but, through philanthropic efforts, he has been responsible for improvements in Indianapolis schools, Indianapolis arts, Indianapolis culture, and Indianapolis health.