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Cummins Inc has been a leader in the diesel engine industry for over 70 years now but are far from resting on their laurels. Today Cummins is a global power in the design, manufacturing, sales and service of diesel engines, but this company has taken it a step further.

Cummins is developing new technologies for their diesel engines that will ensure they are more environmentally sound and friendly. Such advancements will not only keep Cummins as a leader of the pack but it will also provide a cleaner future for everyone.

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This company, who took the surname of founder Clessie Lyle Cummins as its own, started as the Cummins Diesel Company back in 1919 and  has always called Columbus, Indiana home,  south of Indianapolis

While Cummins is part of an elite few who are at the top of the 50 largest Indiana public companies list today, the first decade of their history was less than impressive. It was not until Christmas day in 1929 when Clessie strapped one of his diesel engines inside a used Packard limousine and drove W.G. Irwin, one of Cummins earliest investors, in what was the first diesel powered automobile.

The rest, as they say, is history, once Irwin personally experienced the power of this new engine he became quite an eager investor. Cummins quickly grew in popularity with successful demonstrations of the diesel engines power and  such feats as a 13,535-mile endurance run in 1931, which took place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Cummins diesel engine quickly became the standard engine chosen to power American trucks.

In the 1950’s America as a country had taken on the challenge of building a massive interstate highway system. Cummins’ engines supplied the power to much of the equipment used to build these interstates. After the roads construction Cummins diesel engines were also in many of the trucks that first drove on the new highways.

After playing a major role in connecting America through its new highway system, Cummins decided to go international. And in 1956 they setup their first foreign manufacturing site in Scotland. Today Cummins Inc operates over 5000 facilities in 197 countries and territories throughout the world. They are the proud employer of over 40,000 people world-wide.

No longer just a diesel engine company, Cummins has branched out into four different yet still complimentary divisions.

  • Cummins Engine Business is the unit that still manufactures and markets the world renowned diesel engines. They build an engine for almost anything, with models that run from 31 to 3500 horsepower.
  • Cummins Power Generation Business is the division that provides power generation systems, service and components for auxiliary power generators.
  • Cummins Components Business is the division that designs, manufactures and distributes products for filtration, turbo technologies, emissions solutions and fuel systems world-wide.
  • Cummins Distribution Business is the division that, you guessed it, distributes all of their products seamlessly throughout the world.

Cummins ranked 206 on the Fortune 500 list of highest grossing companies in 2008. They accomplished such a ranking with a net income of 755 million dollars and an overall revenue of 14.3 billion dollars. Not too bad for an Indiana business started by a farmer less than a century ago.  The next time you are riding around downtown Indianapolis on I-465 take just a second to realize that most of the trucks and machines around you are powered by a Cummins diesel engine.

Cummins Inc.
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