Indianapolis Symphonic Choir: Choral Music in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir is a professional musical partner with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir prides itself on bringing professional level choral music to the Circle City. In their mission statement, they espouse their dedication to performing choral music, developing and premiering new choral master works, and involvement in community outreach and education.

Contributing to the Indianapolis music scene since its founding in 1937, the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir is the go to organization for excellent choral concerts. The organization has partnered with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra many times as a guest artist at their concerts at the Hilbert Circle Theater in Indianapolis downtown. The two ensembles come together with the mission to create the best expression of choral-orchestral music possible. The people of Indianapolis have been enjoying this musical team in concert for decades, making it one of the single most important artistic music partnerships in the city.


The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir also performs on its own, spreading an innovative musical style all over Indy. They have several annual concerts for the city including the Festival of Carols performed each year to a packed audience, the consistently sold-out gospel concert Celebration, and the experimental Sacred Arts interactive music performance experience produced in collaboration with the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Video of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir performing Shout Glory in Indianapolis, Indiana

In an effort to create educational opportunities for music students across the city, the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir hosts a conducting workshop each year where Indianapolis kids get to try their hand at conducting a full size choir. In addition, the Symphonic Choir participates in the Creating Artistry workshop hosted each year by the Indianapolis Children’s Choir. Because the symphonic choir calls the Jordan College of Fine Arts building on Butler University’s campus, it is able to work in tandem with many Indianapolis schools to better the Indianapolis education system.

This Indianapois nonprofit organization is successful with the help of funding from various Indianapolis business. In addition, the Symphonic Choir is endowed by the Lilly Endowment Fund and the Arts Council of Indianapolis. Because of these partnerships the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir has been able to participate in various Indianapolis fairs and festivals such as the annual Spirit and Place Festival each Fall.

The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir participates in all of this on top of performing a full season. From September to May the Symphonic Choir can be heard in various venues around Indiana’s capitol city including Clowes Memorial Hall, the Columbia Club on Monument Circle, and others.

To find out about their new season, how to purchase tickets, or how to support the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir, visit their website! Do not miss your chance to hear the voices of angels!

The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir
4600 Sunset Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46208