Irvington Artist Concert Series: An Indianapolis Celebration

The Irvrington Artist Concert Series is an Indianapolis concert series serving up some of the best musical performances to celebrate Irvington, Indiana. The concert series in Irvington is a favorite among residence of this central Indiana city. Every year, they gather to hear the sweet sounds of music fill their city as they reflect on their personal love for their city. The Irvington Artist Concert Series is a wonderful addition to Indianapolis music and Indianapolis fairs and festivals.

However, the concert series in Irvington, Indiana is not just for residence of Irvington. Indianapolis people from area suburbs like Carmel, Fishers, Plainfield and Noblesville have all made the trek to Irvington to enjoy the Irvington Celebration festival. This is a fun filled day the whole family will enjoy.

From the Irvington Presbeytarian Church Fish Fry to the annual Art Walk to the Friends of Irving Annual Vintage Sale, Indianapolis kids will be exhausted after visiting this exciting festival. The closing ceremony of this Irvington Celebration is capped off with an evening concert that rivals the sounds of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra.

Check out this years Celebrate Irvington Festival, find out more here about where and how you can partake of this joyous Indianapolis performing arts festival.

Irvington Artist Concert Series
Irvington, IN 46219