Melchoir Marionettes: Indianapolis Puppet Theater

The Melchoir Marrionettes is a puppet theater in Nashville, Indiana, a central Indiana city near Indianapolis, that brings to life marionette puppet shows. Indianapolis kids have been going crazy over Melchoir Marionettes for years. Since 1952, the Melchoir Marionettes have been performing for audience all over the Midwest and the world. Their show has toured to various locations such as Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Most recently this Indianapolis performing arts group toured to Shanghai, China where it performed at the National Day Celebration in Century Park.

This otherworldly spectacular calls Nashville, Indiana home. Central Indiana is lucky to have such an exuberant experience in its own backyard. Even closer to the Circle City is Peewinkle’s Puppet Studio. This off-shoot puppet theater is located just south of Monument Circle and the Circle Center Mall in Indianapolis downtown.

Both puppet theaters are run by Peggy Melchoir, Debbi Stutzman, and Heidi Shackleford, who all divide their time between the two studios.  The trio have worked to build quite a name for themselves, when it comes to puppet theater, not only in Indy, but all over the Hoosier state.

Melchoir Marionettes offers a season full of fun stories for the whole family to enjoy. From variety shows like the Slightly Haunted Puppet Theater and Comedy Cabaret on Strings to original tales like Peewinkle Meets Zeno and classics like Cinderella there is something for everyone at Melchoir Marionettes and Peewinkle’s Puppet Studio.

They also offer puppet-making day camps and workshops for kids. Those who attend are said to gain a genuine interest arts and crafts and the wish to contribute to Indianapolis arts. This summer as your child is set free from our fine Indianapolis schools, consider these puppet camps as a fun alternative form of hands on education.

Both theaters specialize in festivals, corporate events, birthday parties, country clubs and school convocations. In fact, Melchoir Marionettes has become a standard at Indianapolis fairs and festivals making an annual appearance at the Penrod Art Fair held at the Indianapolis Museum of Art each Spring.

Tickets to a show at their sixty seat outdoor theater in Brown County are extremely affordable, only four dollars and kids under two get in free. These second and third generation puppeteers are striving to keep puppet theater alive in Indianapolis. Their work is a labor of love that comes through in the lightness and fun in each of their performances.

Check out information about tickets, camps, workshops, and how to book the Melchoir Marionettes for your next big event by visiting their website!

Melchoir Marionettes
3608 Woodland Streams Ct
Greenwood, IN 46143