Music For All: Indianapolis Music Education and Advocacy

As one of the largest music education organizations, Music For All in Indianapolis is dedicated to making music available to all through educational programs. Their mission is to create positively life changing experiences for everyone through music. To do this, they have created programming that reaches not only people in Indianapolis but all across the nation. In addition, they institute advocacy and research programs to promote public awareness about the importance of music in our society.

Music For All addresses the issue that public policy in past years has created barriers to music education throughout America. In an attempt to counter this, Music For All offers a variety of programs. What started in 1976 with one summer workshop for teachers, has expanded into a program that offers top educational opportunities to high school instrumental music programs across North America.

Indianapolis should be proud to have such a highly regarded arts activist group in its own backyard, producing great Indianapolis festivals. Every year, Music For All brings hundreds of thousands of people to the city each Spring for its annual National Festival. If you are in the mood to hear some of the brightest young music stars from across the country, check out programing that happens all around the circle city. You could visit Clowes Memorial Hall and join in on the National Concert Band Festival. At the Hilbert Circle Theater enjoy the classics at the Orchestra American National Festival. At the Indianapolis Public Library downtown get funky at the National Percussion Festival.

In addition to offering one of the coolest Indianapolis events, Music For All provides the most comprehensive resource for music advocacy in the country.  They publish a bi-weekly newsletter titled, “Why Music Ed,” which spreads the results of research proving the value of music education. The newsletter also serves to connect and organize people across the country so they can mobilize to help save music education.

In addition, Music For All records a monthly podcast called, “From the Trenches.” Each month a different aspect of arts education advocacy is tackled including new methods of education and program reforms. Music for All truly pushes beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking on their mission to save music education in our children’s schools.

Music for All is a valuable organization when it comes to Indianapolis arts. Though the groups scope extends well beyond the limits of Indy, the mindset of participants in the group has helped to shape the sound of Indianapolis music. It is a true testament to the advantages that downtown Indianapolis can provide to such organizations. Music For All is only one of many nonprofit organizations that have set up shop in the capitol city of the Hoosier state.

Find out how you can help Music For All on its mission to save music for kids. Studies show that children who interact with music or the arts in some way have a better chance to succeed. Don’t let Indianapolis kids go without knowing the sweet sensation of rhythm and harmony. Don’t let Indianapolis schools and the Indianapolis education system lose its music programs. Visit Music For All’s website and make a difference when it comes to Indianapolis performing arts.

Music For All, Inc.
39 W Jackson Place
Suite 150
Indianapolis, IN 46225