NiSource Inc: They have a Whole Lot of Gas!

Relax, do not allow the title to fool you. When talking about NiSource Inc and gas we are not talking about the kind that can be embarrassing and best emitted in an empty room. NiSource is one of the nation’s leading natural gas companies. They deal in the transmission, storage and distribution of natural gas to over 3.8 million customers  throughout the East Coast and Midwest.

NiSource runs their pipeline from the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana, through Indiana and other Midwest states all the way up to the New England area of the country. NiSource and their operating companies also deal with the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power sources. From their first moments of operation the NiSource company has always called Merrillvlle, Indiana home. Merillville is 140 miles north of the state’s capitol Indianapolis and just a few miles south of Gary, Indiana.

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NiSource is among the leaders when talking about the 50 largest Indiana public companies. They have  grown so large by providing many of the top Indianapolis businesses with the power and energy needed to succeed. While providing the Circle City and its businesses the energy sources y to constantly grow, NiSource has a great secondary impact on Indy as well. Through their multi-state network of pipelines they employee over 7,000 individuals, many of those are jobs in Indianapolis.

With the realization that the power and energy industry as a whole has a great responsibility to find cleaner and more environmentally sound ways of procuring and distributing energy, NiSource has accepted the challenge head on. The NiSource commitment is to “pursue a strong environmental, health and safety program that prioritizes environmental, health and safety responsibilities and achieves environmental, health and safety excellence.” It gives one a certain sense of pride to know that a Hoosier company like NiSource is looking to make a difference, not just today but for the days to come.

NiSource Inc.
801 E 86th Ave
Merrillville, IN 46410