Butler Winery and Vineyards: Venerable Winery in Bloomington

Butler Winery and Vineyards boasts the honor of being the fourth oldest Indiana winery and enjoys the distinction of stocking Southern Indiana’s largest selection of home brewing and wine making supplies. The winery and it surrounding vineyards are located in the charming town of Bloomington, Indiana, near another staple of the wine culture in the Hoosier state, Oliver Winery.

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Butler’s philosophy is to use Indiana-grown grapes to produce the richest wines in the region as a reflection of the culture and movement of the people of Indiana. The grape varieties they grow include Chambourcin, Chardonel, Vignoles, Cabernet Franc and Vidal. The welcoming staff specializes in knowledgeable tours of the facilities and teaching you the wine-making process so you get the full Butler experience when you stop in for a tasting.

Speaking of tasting, prepare for a treat when you decide to spend a sunny afternoon in Butler’s tasting room. In addition to the dry and sweet varieties, you’ll want to give your tastebuds a treat with the more adventurous choices such as the blueberry; black currant; and ice wine, ripe with a hint of honey. The unexpected flavors will likely have you asking for another sip.

Be sure to stop in on afternoon when you have plenty of time so you can enjoy your Butler Winery experience to the fullest. Pick up some domestic or imported cheeses in the gift shop and a loaf of bread or some specialty crackers alone with your wine and make a day of it on the spacious deck.

In addition to the winery and vineyard, Butler has an in-town tasting room in Bloomington, conveniently located right near Indiana University. They offer carry-out purchasing and tasting daily, even on Sundays. With multiple bottle purchases, you can enjoy a 10-20% discount. And don’t forget to check out the wide variety of cheeses, sausage, and crackers to go along with your wine.

All of this is in addition to the supplies available to buy for those interested in making their own beer and wine. The selection is wide and varied, and the friendly staff at Butler Winery will help you with everything you need to get started with your own beer and wine making adventure.

On an afternoon when you have time for a leisurely drive, take a trip through scenic Southern Indiana and visit the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail, which features seven of the finest wineries in the state, including Butler Winery and Vineyards. It makes for a great sunny weekend afternoon, and you’ll learn about Indiana’s wine culture, in addition to seeing some of the prettiest scenery in the Midwest.

For those Indianapolis citizens who are interested in checking out the goods at Butler Winery who don’t feel like making the hour-long drive to Bloomington, there’s the  option of visiting the Butler Winery booth at the Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Festival each June. Held in downtown Indianapolis in Military Park, the festival is a staple of summertime fun in Indiana.

Whether you decide to stay close to home and visit Butler Winery and Vineyards here in Indy at the Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Festival or make the trek to its home base in Bloomington, it’s a must-see for wine lovers. For more information, including hours of operation and a full wine list, visit their website.

Butler Winery and Vineyards
1022 N College Ave
Bloomington, IN 47494


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