Best Vineyards: Quaint Winery Offers “Best” in Business

If you enjoy checking out what the Hoosier state has to offer in terms of Indiana-made wine, make sure to check out Best Vineyards, located in the quaint town of Elizabeth, Indiana. This charming Indiana winery dates back to 2000 and has been a staple of Indiana’s wine scene ever since.

The Best family planted their vineyards with the helpful advice of the Indiana wine veterans at Huber’s Orchard, Winery, and Vineyards and Turtle Run Winery. All three wineries are members of the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail, which features seven different wineries throughout Southern Indiana. So next time you have a free weekend afternoon and feel like taking a day trip from Indianapolis, check out the Wine Trail; it’s a chance to give some of Indiana’s finest wines a try while glimpsing some of the state’s most beautiful scenery.

Best Vineyards offer a wide variety of sweet, semi-sweet, dry and semi-dry award-winning wines, all of which you can find listed on their website. Listed next to each are suggested food pairings so you can learn to match your Best family wines to the foods that will complement their rich tastes and textures.

Best Vineyards is open Tuesday through Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Not only can you come in during those hours and sample the wines, but you’re welcome to purchase bottles to take home, along with various cheeses and breads to enhance your flavor experience. And if you’re from out of state and just passing through, Best Vineyards will be happy to ship wines to certain states, so you’re never without your favorite Best Vineyard variety.

If you live in Indianapolis and don’t have time to make the drive to Elizabeth to check out what Best Vineyards has to offer, you can sample their wines each June at the eagerly anticipated Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Festival. Held in downtown Indianapolis in scenic Military Park, this annual celebration of wine culture in Indiana offers samples from more than 25 Indiana wineries and fare from some of the best restaurants in Indianapolis.

Next time you find yourself with an afternoon off and the desire to check out some of Indiana’s highest-quality wines, head to Elizabeth, Indiana and discover why Best Vineyards has become one of the favorite wineries in the Midwest.

Best Vineyards
8373 Morgans Ln SE
Elizabeth, IN 47117

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