Horizon Bancorp

Horizon Bancorp has a long running history in the Hoosier State, and introduced many industry firsts in Indiana.

In 1955 the company began the first automobile drive-up and customer walk-up service windows and in 1974 they introduced the first ATM machine. Horizon Bancorp was founded in 1873, headquartered in Michigan City, and it operates on its original bank charter to this day.

Horizon Bancorp has a comprehensive online banking program for customer convenience. Market summaries are available online for potential investors. Also on its Web site, the company posts information for shareholders and news updates from the board of directors. There is also a useful financial calculator to help customers plan and budget.

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Horizon Bancorp started as a small settlement on a sand hill near Lake Michigan. In the city’s early days, glass manufacturers began investing in its main natural resource, sand. The rapid economic growth and expansion that followed has been backed by Horizon Bank for six generations. Horizon Bancorp is an independent and locally owned bank holding company.

Originally, Horizon Bancorp was called First National Bank. Through several acquisitions, the name was changed to First Merchants National Bank, Citizen’s Bank, First Citizens Bank, and the name Horizon Bank came about in 1997. As one of the oldest Indiana public companies, Horizon Bancorp survived the Great Depression, a time when countless businesses were closing shop.

Horizon Bancorp has deep roots in northwest Indiana, and there are locations in 12 Indiana cities, including Elkhart, Merrillville and Valparaiso. There are also bank locations in southeastern Michigan. Currently the bank offers personal banking, business banking, investment & trust services and mortgages.

Horizon Bancorp is well known for its strong values, and the company trains all members of the Horizon Team to live by them. They were given the 2009 Best Investment Firm award from the Northwest Indiana Quarterly Magazine. The company puts customers first and its slogan promises exceptional service and sensible advice.

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