Protecting Consumers / Stabilizing Home Prices

Helping the Consumer Understand HVCC  (Home Valuation Code of Conduct)

There have been many questions in regards to HVCC, the Home Valuation Code of Conduct, and how this new regulation may impact homeowners, the mortgage, real estate, and appraisal business. HVCC was designed to take the mortgage professional out of the equation when ordering an appraisal and having any contact with a professional real estate appraiser. This regulation has led to increased appraisal fees, increased time in obtaining an appraisal, and most importantly a decrease in consumer property values. All factors affect the ability to sell and close a home in a timely manner.

The following video does a great job in explaining the ramifications of this regulation. (online petition as well)

HVCC Video about new home appraisal regulation codes

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