Ertel Cellars Winery: 200 Acres of Fine Indiana Wine

Near the small town of Batesville, Indiana lies Ertel Cellars Winery a family owned Indiana winery that is a popular Indiana attraction, especially in the summertime. The grounds span a rolling 200 acres and owe their beauty to owner Tom Ertel, who considers Ertel Cellars Winery a “dream come true.”

Ertel Cellars is truly a family-run business, with Tom’s brother Gary handling the vineyards and assisting Tom in the intricate winemaking process. Their sister Patti is responsible for the business side of things, and family friend Brian Ahaus brings experience to the table; with more than 15 years in winemaking, he has won over 15 awards for his craft.

This dream of the Ertels’ became a reality in 1999, when the first family vineyard was planted. After several years of selling their grapes to local wineries, the Ertels decided to open their own state of the art winery, in addition to a sophisticated Indiana restaurant. In 2006, both opened their doors to the enthusiastic community of Batesville.

Offerings at the sprawling, scenic Ertel compound include a tasting bar, lounge, restaurant and wine market. With its Chateau-style architecture and beautiful views, the small venture that began as a simple vineyard has grown into a sophisticated Indiana business and popular tourist destination.

One of the most unusual elements of Ertel Cellars Winery is the the restaurant, known as the Ertel Cellars Winery Bistro. This upscale eatery offers an elegant dining room ambiance in addition to al fresco dining amidst the beauty of the vineyards. The impressive menu features such temptations as Atlantic smoke salmon, black forest pork, chicken Francaise, and shrimp scampi. And of course, with the wide variety of Ertel wines on the menu, you should be able to find the perfect glass to complement any meal.

The vineyards that are still at the heart of the operation produce seven rich varieties of grapes: Foch, Vidal Blanc, Vignoles, Traminette, Steuben, Catawba, and Chambourcin. Wine connoisseurs may recognize these names, but may not know that each wine at Ertel Cellars is hand-crafted for a unique taste that you won’t find at other wineries.

For the adventurous tester, you’ll want to make sure the sample the sweet fruit-flavored varieties, such as Blueberry, Strawberry, and Niagra, which is described as “like drinking white grape juice with a kick.” The Ertel family is committed to high quality and taste in each and every one of their superb wines.

If you live in Indianapolis and don’t have time to make the drive to Batesville, you can still check out Ertel Cellars Winery‘s offerings right in the Circle City at the Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Festival. Held each June in downtown Indianapolis in Military Park, this favorite Indianapolis event features food, fun, and more than 25 wineries from throughout the state. Don’t miss this annual celebration and the chance to sample some of Indiana’s finest wines, including those from Ertel Cellars Winery.

Ertel Cellars Winery
3794 E County Rd
1100 North
Batesville, IN 47006


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