Gene B. Glick Company: Indianapolis Business, Philanthropy, and Community Involvement

One of the top privately owned businesses in Indianapolis, the Gene B. Glick Company has had an important influence on Indianapolis business: not only in successful deals and income, but also in philanthropy and ethical business practices. The company is one of the top 50 businesses in Indiana, and with good reason. They provide a model for all other Indianapolis, Indiana businesses to follow: a model of respect, community service, and employee care.

Founded in 1947 by an aspiring World War II veteran, Eugene Glick, the Gene B. Glick Company develops, sells, and manages property and real estate throughout ten states. They are one of the guiding forces in Indianapolis real estate. The company has ownership over 18,000 properties, providing affordable, high quality housing for Hoosiers of all income levels. There are properties all over Indianapolis, Greenwood, Columbus, Fort Wayne (home of the University of Saint Francis), Bloomington, Evansville (home of the University of Southern Indiana, the University of Evansville, and Oakland City University), Shelbyville, Zionsville, Noblesville, and many other cities in Indiana.

Not only does the Gene B. Glick Company own an incredible amount of property, they also believe in providing each one of their clients with the best care possible. Their goal is to create homes for their residents, not just places to live. With that in mind, they make sure that each property is equipped with the best facilities, is beautifully landscaped and maintained, and has repairs or service just a phone call away. It’s this great respect for their clients that has made the Gene B. Glick Company the great Indianapolis company that it is.

The Gene B. Glick Company believes in the power of developing a loyal business team to help the company succeed. Many Glick employees have a strong commitment and dedication to the company, often staying within the company for over twenty years. Mr. Glick’s ideas of a strong base of business continue today with the Gene B. Glick Company’s Executive Team. The Executive Team is a veritable who’s who of Indianapolis residents; many of them were born in Indiana or the Circle City, and almost all of them have gone to school through the Indianapolis education system or an Indiana college, including Indiana University, Butler University, Purdue University, and Indiana Central College. The company recently promoted a new CEO, David Barrett, who is dedicated to continuing the company’s practices of ethical, caring business management.

Not only has the Gene B. Glick Company been successful in the realm of Indianapolis business, but they have also been a considerable influence in the Indianapolis community. The Eugene and Marilyn Glick Foundation is one of the driving forces in Indianapolis charitable giving. The Indianapolis non-profit organization, founded in 1982 to better focus the couple’s philanthropic efforts, funds many different grants to help citizens in need in Indianapolis.

Most of the programs focus on Indianapolis children, but they are beneficial to all society. Programs funded by the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Foundation include the Pro 100 program (a summer work study for lower income children), the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, the Indianapolis Art Center, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Riley Hospital for Children, and the Glick Eye Institute at the Indiana University School of Medicine. In addition, the Gene B. Glick Company also sponsors The Glick Fund, which supports Indianapolis schools, Indianapolis arts, medical technology, and many other causes in central Indiana.

The Gene B. Glick Company has been around for over sixty years and has continued to provide a model of effective and ethical business practices for all of Indianapolis. The company has a great heart for the people of Indiana, providing affordable homes for people of all income levels. Their charitable donations through the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Foundation have provided a better life for countless residents of Indianapolis and Indiana. On par with giants of Indianapolis business like Eli Lilly and Company and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis, the Gene B. Glick Company will likely be around for many more years to come.

For more information on the Gene B. Glick Company, including available properties and a detailed timeline, please visit the company’s homepage.

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