Old World Gondoliers in Indianapolis: Dream a Little Dream Downtown

Did you know that right in the center of downtown Indianaolis, among the big Indianapolis businesses, glitzy Indianapolis hotels and some of the best restaurants in Indianapolis, you and your honey can go floating on a gondola, just the way they do in Venice? Not exactly stereotypical Midwest material, is it?

Hopping a gondola for an afternoon is probably one of the most popular romance and dating ideas in Indianapolis. You get an opportunity to glide by the famous Indianapolis monuments and snuggle up. Take advantage of the new “Gondola Baskets” created by one of the best chefs in Indy, and you have the makings of the perfect date.

Just imagine gracefully floating down the famous Indianapolis Canal in White River State Park, and nonchalantly opening up a basket of gourmet goodies such as Prosciutto Parma, served with fig preserves, red grapes and delicious Ciabatta bread, along with a nice Pino Grigio, just to put the whole date over the top. Baskets range from $48 to $80 per couple, but if you really want to go all out, you can special order the Dom Perignon and Osetra for $450.

Your languid, watery glide through the Circle City with transport you back to the Old Ceountry, where songs were happy, times were simpler and nobody was ever pressed for time. You can get onboard as a public passenger for only $15 per person, or get one of the Old World Gondoliers’ private voyages for only $75 per boat for two to eight people for fifteen minutes, $300 for one full hour of courtly bliss.

The Old World Gondoliers company began in Chicago and had the foresight to move south into Indiana. Their authentic gondola rides are now favorite Indianapolis attractions, to many. And the fact that the gondoliers serenade you as you go gliding along is just the icing on the cannoli, so to speak.

Thinking about proposing? What could possibly be a more romantic setting? Got a family celebration coming up? Take the whole clan for the ride of a lifetime. Regardless of your reason to try it, and there are many, you’ll be glad you did.

Old World Gondoliers, Inc.
337 W 11th St
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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