Lanthier Winery: Rich History, Richer Wine

In the historic town of Madison, Indiana, there are plenty of Indiana attractions, but the undisputed favorite is Lanthier Winery. One of the small town’s main draws, Lanthier has been a staple of Madison since 1994.

While the Indiana winery itself is relatively new to the town, the historic site it occupies has its own rich history, dating back to the 18th century. Some Madison citizens firmly believe that what is now the Cellar Tasting Room at Lanthier Winery got its start as a fortress of security established by settlers seeking protection as they traveled through dangerous Native American territory.

As time passed and the structure was used for various purposes, another colorful tale emerged and continues to entertain visitors of Lanthier Winery today. Despite the various forms the building took over the years, including a market and a saloon, the most intriguing to its customers now was that of a brothel back in the late 1800s. Many in the town of Madison today swear the tasting cellar is haunted by the ghost of one of the ladies who made her living there, making it a potential haunted place in Indiana.

When the building eventually opened its doors as a winery, this persona finally stuck. Upon the grand opening of Lanthier Winery in 1994, the Cellarmaster produced 10 different wines. At present time, this popular tourist attraction manufactures 16 different wines in addition to three holiday varieties. Over the years, this delightful part of Madison history has become a favorite destination for visitors from all over the Hoosier state and the Midwest.

It’s the wide variety of wines and clever names they’re given that draw tourists as much as the simple charm of Lanthier Winery itself. For instance, who can come for a winery visit in snowy December and resist trying Saint Nicholas Blush, Rudolph Red, and Snowflake White? While the winery enjoys the bulk of its guests in the warmer months, the cooler seasons bring in plenty of patrons as well.

If you’re thinking of heading to Madison to take in the sights of the town, make sure you carve out plenty of time for your visit to Lanthier Winery. Not only can you taste every variety of wine, but you can tour the Cellar Tasting Room, the production room, the vineyards, and the scenic gardens. In addition, one of the most popular art galleries in Madison occupies space at the winery, allowing Indiana art lovers to combine their passion for fine wine and for local Indiana culture.

If you’d like more information on Lanthier Winery, including its fascinating history, you can access their website here. In addition to hours of operation and a virtual tour, you can view the top ten recipes of the site (all prepared, or course, with the delicious wines of Lanthier Winery).

Lanthier Winery boasts the distinction of being a member of the Indiana Wine Trail, which you can also find out more about on the Lanthier website. Lanthier, along with five other Southern Indiana wineries, is a main attraction along this beautiful driving route. Explore the vivid colors and sounds of the Hoosier state as you visit some of its most popular wineries.

You can also check out Lanthier’s wines each June in downtown Indianapolis at the Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Festival. This annual event is held in lush Military Park and features more than 25 wineries spanning the whole state, making it one of the biggest Indianapolis events of the summer. Lanthier is one of the favorite participants each year.

Whether you stay close to home with a visit to the Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Festival or want to explore all that the lovey town of Madison has to offer, you’ll likely find a new favorite wine when you discover Lanthier Winery.

Lanthier Winery
123 Mill St
Madison, IN 47250

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