Biomet Inc: Embracing Change in Today’s Sophisticated Health Care Arena

At the forefront in the field of designing and manufacturing medical products used in dental care, sports medicine, orthopedics, craniomaxillofacial and biologic markets, Biomet Inc. consistently appears on the list of the 50 largest public companies in Indiana. Every single day year-round, Biomet products find their way to a patient in need around the world.

Closer to home, the huge success of Biomet translates into lots of good job security for the Hoosiers who are at the helm in Warsaw, Indiana’s corporate headquarters. Careers with Biomet Inc. span the gamut across the globe in fields such as sports medicine, microfixation, dental reconstructive implants, bracing, castings, osteobiologics, spine and trauma solutions’ production. In Warsaw, Indiana, about 60 miles due north of Indianapolis, careers available with Biomet include the fields of sports medicine, biologics, orthopedics and of course corporate careers.

Biomet Inc. takes as its motto the slogan “Advanced Science for Real Living.” They are deservedly proud of their innovative products, making undisputed claims such as “Biomet’s joint implants are second to none.” When you’re competing for the global market, you better be able to back such claims up.

The Biomet team has always relied upon its collective entrepreneural spirit, which has been trickling down from founders Dane A. Miller, Jerry L. Ferguson, Niles L. Noblitt and M. Ray Harroff since they started the company in 1977. The team’s mission was to create a company that could meet orthopedic and related surgical needs in the health-care industry with innovative solutions that work well and last. This continues to be the company’s mission, and it has acquired an excellent reputation for successfully completing it on a day-by-day, year-by-year basis.

Biomet was on its way to make a real place for itself in the world from its first year. Through astute management, vigorous acquisitions and steadfast loyalty to the original vision, Biomet has created a company that commands the respect of health-care experts the world over, who trust in and use their products.

Biomet is  company that embraces change, and makes of it an asset.

Biomet Inc.
56 E Bell Dr
Warsaw, IN 46582-6924