Northwestway Park

Northwestway Park stands out from most other Indianapolis parks because it is home to a 135,000 gallon outdoor aquatic center. The water park features four waterslides, a 25-yard lap swimming area and several pool geysers, spray showers, fountains and dumping buckets. Indianapolis children love Northwestway Park because of the aquatic center, large playgrounds and soccer fields. Altogether, the park spans more than 117 acres.

There’s always plenty to do at Northwestway Park for all ages. For Hoosiers who enjoy playing sports in Indianapolis, there are adult exercise areas, basketball courts, a 1.6 mile fitness trail and an 18 hole golf course. Northwestway Park holds a special place within Indianapolis society, culture and community because of the holiday celebrations and annual events held at this Indy park regularly.

Shelter at Northwestway ParkShelter at Northwestway Park

Northwestway Park is located near Eagle Creek Park, making it a perfect location for people to study and learn about wildlife and the environment. The parks system plays a big part in Indianapolis education because each year countless Hoosiers gain hands-on experience with nature and how the environment works at Northwestway Park. The facility helps to educate Indianapolis children in several different ways, especially with the youth sports programs that practice and host games at Northwestway Park.

Grills, picnic tables and covered patios are available for use at Northwestway Park, making it the perfect place for low-cost family fun. People are even able to rent the large shelters for birthday parties and other celebrations. For more information about Northwestway Park, or to reserve a covered shelter for your next event, visit them online.

Balance beam at Northwestway Park playgroundBalance beam at Northwestway Park playground

Basketball court at Northwestway ParkBasketball court at Northwestway Park

Bench and trail at Northwestway ParkBench and trail at Northwestway Park

Playground at Northwestway ParkPlayground at Northwestway Park

Trail through Northwestway ParkTrail through Northwestway Park

Disk golf hole at Northwestway ParkDisk golf hole at Northwestway Park

Disk golf tee at Northwestway ParkDisk golf tee at Northwestway Park

Field at Northwestway ParkField at Northwestway Park

Hidden trail at Northwestway ParkHidden trail at Northwestway Park

Red flowers blooming at Northwestway ParkRed flowers blooming at Northwestway Park

Interior of a shelter at Northwestway ParkInterior of a shelter at Northwestway Park

Soccer field at Northwestway ParkSoccer field at Northwestway Park

Large playground at Northwestway ParkLarge playground at Northwestway Park

Todd Davis and Adam Spaulding Trail at Northwestway ParkTodd Davis and Adam Spaulding Trail at Northwestway Park

Northwestway Park
5253 W 62nd St
Indianapolis, IN 46402

Visit them online.

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