Steel Dynamics Inc., One of Indiana’s Most Successful Companies

Known as STLD on the NASDAQ-100, Steel Dynamics Inc. is an important producer of carbon steel products. Founded in 1993, Steel Dynamics maintains its corporate headquarters north of Indianapolis in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Steel Dynamic’s 2008 revenue was 8.1 billion dollars strong, and the company claimed some 3,500 employees. They are, in fact, not only one of Indiana’s 50 largest public companies, but the fifth-largest carbon steel products company in the United states. SDI’s operations include five mini-mills employing electric-furnace production of fabricated steel products and what is known as “long products,” steel beams and bars.

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Steel Dynamics Inc. began its initial production in 1996 at Butler, Indiana, where they had created a world-class mini-mill to produce cold-rolled, flat-rolled, “pickled” and galvanized steel products. Since their inception, SDI has experienced an astounding growth rate, and expanded not only its field of operations but also its product line.

They have since built new facilities and acquired other major companies in the field, such as Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation, which SDI acquired in 2006, and the most recent important acquisition of OmniSource Corporation, which is one of the largest scrap processors in the nation, and is also based out of Fort Wayne. Because of this major acquisition, Steel Dynamics products will begin to approach close to half of ferrous material, but steel will continue to be the main property for SDI. Those products categories include flat-rolled steel, structural steel, specialty shapes, building systems, engineered bars, merchant bars, rail and MSDS vault.

In Pittsboro, Indiana, Steel Dynamics operates a large products division plant for the manufacturing of steel merchant bars. Alloy steel and high-grade carbon are combined to produce long, shiny bars which actually were only recently dull scrap metal. They melt the recycled steel scrap and cast it, then roll it into the bars, to greatly simplify the process.

How are their steel products used, you might ask? Steel Dynamics’ answer to that question is, “If equipment has moving parts that wear, and the parts have demanding mechanical requirements placed on them, then there’s a good chance that our steel goes into the parts.”

Specifically regarding Steel Dynamics on the stock market, their first public offering was in November of 1996 at a share price of $16. The fiscal year ends for SDI on December 31 and they only deal in common stock and no other class of stock.

SDI has no direct plan for purchasing their stock directly at this writing. In March of 2009, 182,000,000 shares remained outstanding.

Steel Dynamics, Inc.
Corporate Office
6714 Pointe Inverness Wy, Suite 200
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Fax: 260.969.3590

Steel Dynamics Bar Products Division
8000 N County Rd 225 E
Pittsboro, IN 46167-9094