Zimmer Holdings, Inc.

zimmerZimmer Holdings, Inc. has its principal executive offices in the town of Warsaw, Indiana, located about 60 miles due north of the capital, Indianapolis and 25 miles due west of Fort Wayne.

This vast company is a world leader in solutions to ease hip pain, knee pain, traumatic injuries, osteoarthritis pain and chronic and acute back pain. Their products show up in almost every orthopedic surgeon’s office the world over and have given mobility to hundreds of thousands of grateful patients of races and cultures from over 80 countries.

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zimmer-2Zimmer was founded way back in 1927 and the company has since found that commitment to providing the best, least-invasive products and dedication to excellent business practice are the tandem keys to long-term success. They offer a huge range of products and services related to the field and are highly respected and valued partners to the health-care providers around the world, who all have the same goals in mind: enhancing the mobility and quality of life of their patients.

Knee replacements, hip replacements, elbow and shoulder pain treatment instruments, spine and trauma products, and much more have all come out of  Zimmer‘s ongoing dedication. A good example would be their anti-allergenic, fully functional vertabrae  replacment system, a medical marvel close to the living human spine itself.

Zimmer’s clinical research for nearly one century has produced  an outstanding body of work that has helped the field of medicine progress enormously. The company, in fact, is renowned for its now-famous educational courses which have come out of their long research and experience.

On the stock market, Zimmer Holdings, Inc. has been a steady winner, reflecting the trust of those who know its products, dispense them or use them. Layoffs and cutbacks during the current economic crisis notwithstanding, Zimmer is one company that can look forward, like the patients it helps, to a long and energetic life.

Zimmer Holdings, Inc.
345 E Main St
Warsaw, IN 46580