Accuride Corporation: Accurate Rides Throughout North America

The Accuride Corporation supplies vehicle components such as wheels, body and chassis parts, seating and wheel-end assemblies and other related products to customers throughout all of North America. The Accuride company consistently finds a solid ranking on the list of the 50 largest public companies in Indiana. They are, in fact, one of the largest manufacturers of these products in North America.

The parent company’s corporate offices are located in Evansville, Indiana, about two hours southwest of the state capital, Indianapolis. Evansville is a tranquil, small, midwestern town that leans heavily on Accuride’s presence for job security.

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Accuride’s “business units” are their main product division categories, comprised of:

Steel and aluminum Accuride wheels

This sub-section of the company makes and markets truck and trailer wheels from medium- to heavy-duty grades. They are the largest such company in North America, and also offer the biggest product line. Another huge distinction is that this is the one and only maker of both forged aluminum and steel heavy- to medium-duty wheels. If you look, you will see this product on buses, commercial trucks and military vehicles.

Accuride Wheels
Toll-free: 800.823.8332

Gunite: Wheel-end components

Accuride’s Gunite Corporation has been in business for over 70 years, making wheel-end components that are the most trusted in the trucking industry. Innovation is this company’s middle name, and that’s a good thing, because wheel-end technology is ever-changing and must constantly morph with the new developments of the times. Most commercial trucks that are made in North America sport Gunite products as the industry standard.

Gunite Customer Service:

Brillion Iron Works: Non-powered farm equipment from iron castings

In 1890, a small company was born in Brillion, Wisconsin to meet the needs of farmers across the land. Brillion continued to expand and reorganize until the original small business reached its present size, with 1,000 employees and ranking in the top ten independent iron castings foundries in the nation. Accuride saw an excellent fit in BIW and acquired the business in 2007.

Brillion Iron Works
200 Park Av
Brillion, WI 54110

Imperial Group: Body and chassis components for trucks

This important metal fabrications supplier joined the Accuride family in 2005. Along with metal fabrications, they produce chrome plating, stampings and design and assemblies for various commercial uses. The Imperial Group’s facilities dot the United States and they are proud to offer more than 15,000 different components.

Imperial Group Corporate Office
160 Kirby Dr
Portland, TN 37148

Bostrom Seating: Seating assemblies

This excellent company is a major supplier of truck, bus and specialty vehicle seating. Bostrom Seating is a leader in the field of static seating systems and air suspension systems for seating in this market.

Bostrom Seating
POB 566
50 Nances Creek Bl
Piedmont, AL 36272
Toll-free: 800.459.7328
Fax: 256.447.2038

Fabco: Gear Boxes, drive axles and related truck components

Fabco Automotive has been in the business since 1918, and they have acquired a well-deserved reputation for reliability, innovation and customer care. They are a TS-16949-certified supplier in the transportation industry, offering a broad range of related products, such as transfer cases, steer drive axles, split shaft power take-offs, PTOs, disc brakes, and sophisticated engineering applications.

Fabco Automotive Corporation
151 Lawrence Dr
Livermore, CA 94551
Toll-free: 800.967.8838
Fax: 925.454.9501

The Accuride Corporation family is one of the world-class companies that keep the vehicles we humans depend on running safely, reliably and well.

Accuride Corporate Headquarters
7140 Office Cir
POB 15600
Evansville, IN 47716-0600
Fax: 812.962.5400

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