First Financial Corporation: Indiana’s Financial Rock

First Financial Corporation is one of the 50 largest public companies in Indiana. This is the financial holding company for First Financial Bank, which offers state-of-the-art personal and business banking services and wealth management in branches throughout the states of Indiana and Illinois.

Of all the many banks serving Indiana, First Financial Bank is the oldest, and it is also the sixth oldest in the nation. Long experience and know-how backs every transaction at First Financial. They date their heritage all the way back to 1834, when its earliest forerunner, Second State Bank of Indiana, opened its doors in Vigo County.

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In 1983, First Financial Bank asked for and received approval as a holding company entity comprised of multiple banks. This landmark decision made them the first such holding company in Indiana. Their corporate offices are located in Terre Haute, Indiana, about 50 miles southeast of Indianapolis near the Bloomington campus of Indiana University.

Consistently ranking among the top 100 holding companies in the nation for efficiency, First Financial Corporation continues the long history of success that made their company’s heritage so strong. This community of banks continues to grow and serve Indiana communities through well-placed mergers and general expansion. Trading under the NASDAQ symbol “THFF,” First Financial stock has held as steady as the longstanding company it reflects. With about 50 branches throughout Illinois and the west-central area of Indiana, it employs nearly 800 people.

In July of 2009, it was announced that First Financial had acquired three branch offices of Irwin Financial, and a $150 million commercial loan package. Irwin Financial is in the process of restructuring.

First Financial also maintains an excellent presence on the Internet, where customers and other interested parties can go to arrange anything from online banking to home loans to insurance. Check them out online here.

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