Vectren Corp.

Vectren Corporation is an important Indiana energy-holding and delivering company based out of Evansville, Indiana, which is situated about 250 miles southwest of state capital, Indianapolis. This large, publicly-traded company is organized into three separate energy-providing utilities: 1) “Vectren North,” which services over a half million customers in the central and southern sectors of Indiana, 2) “Vectren South,” an electric and gas delivery service for over 100,000 customers in southwest Indiana, and 3) “VEDO,” which delivers natural gas energy to over 300,000 customers in the central-western part of Ohio.

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In addition to the aforementioned 3 utilities, Vectren owns ProLiance Energy, which sells natural gas and other related services, and Vectren Source and Vectren Fuels, which maintains coal mines and markets their coal products.

Vectren also maintains an energy infrastructure services division, which is comprised of Miller Pipeline, a company which offers relevant repair services and underground construction, and Energy Ssytems Group (ESG), which handles Vectren’s energy performance and project services.

As you can readily see, this is one enormous company, one of the 50 largest public companies in Indiana. The powers that be, who have created such a successful monolith so far, have only just begun. Their mission statement says, “We will be the industry leader in helping our customers manage their energy costs. We will achieve top-quartile performance levels in safety, customer satisfaction and productivity. We will deliver superior investor returns.” They have even delineated what they call the “Vectren Values,” outlined below:

Vectren Values

To the customer, they promise understanding, as well as active help in the efficient use of energy.  To their colleges, Vectren promises to reward well, actively assist in employee development and work as a team, with integrity and focus. To the community they give a solemn promise as responsible stewards of the environment to enhance the quality of living in the workplace, in the home and in the community at large.

Vectren Corp. is made up of many, many subdivisions, each charged with a different facet of the company’s broad list of activities. The company has accrued innumerable awards throughout its various arms, and achieved a great degree of respect in the field of energy. To have come so far bespeaks true wisdom and dedication.

Vectren Cororate Headquarters
POB 209
Evansville, IN 47702-0209
Toll-free: 800.227.1376