American Commercial Lines Inc. – Rollin’ Down the River

American Commercial Lines Inc. maintains corporate headquarters about 100 miles south of Indianapolis, in Jefferson, Indiana. This is one of Indiana’s 50 largest public companies. American Commercial Lines have been connecting waterways in the Midwest since 1915.

American Commercial is a world leader in marine transportation and all the concomitant facets that go into this particular marketplace. Their mission is: “To deliver premium transportation services and solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.” Their priorities, or core values, consist of a long list of good words such as safety, integrity, value, innovation and customer focus.

This highly successful company operates a fleet of more than 2800 barges and tow boats and the facilities they need to support them, such as marine repairs, terminal and port services and consulting services. There are almost 12,000 miles of connecting waterways in the United States Inland Waterway System and the American Commercial Lines network extends to every one of them, from Lake Erie to Corpus Christi, Texas.

American Commercial Lines also has a 68-acre, 5,600 feet shipbuilding and repair site fronting on the Ohio River, which reaches into Jeffersonville, Indiana. This is the largest such facility in the entire inland area of the United States. A great deal of research and development is carried out in these facilities for ACL. The industry, like most others in this day and time, requires almost constant adjustment just to keep up. In this facility, ACL also designs and manufactures vessels for their own marine transportation business, as well as for third-party customers.

American Commercial Lines started almost a century ago as a business to move coal down the Kentucky Rier. Today, ACL is one of the most diversified and largest companies of its kind in the nation.

American Commercial Lines Inc. Headquarters
1701 E Market St
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Toll-free: 800.457.6377
Customer service: 800.899.7195