Chromcraft Revington, Inc.

Chromcraft Revington, Inc., whose headquarters and main operations bases are located on the Interstate-65 at West Lafayette, Indiana, about 50 miles northwest of Indianapolis, designs, makes, imports and markets furniture in the mid-price range. They are one of the 50 largest public companies in Indiana. Other domestic locations of Chromcraft operations are in North Carolina, Mississippi, California and Delphi, also in Indiana. Chromcraft’s showrooms are extensive throughout North America, and there’s even a department in Guan Dong, China.

The company designs, imports and manufactures office seating, waiting room seating and training tables, as well as a broad range of wood, metal, leather and fabric furniture for the home, among other items. This large niche market is a growing one which evolves rapidly and demands the highest standards of innovation and focus on the customer’s needs.

Chromcraft Revington is comprised of these major brand names in American furniture: Sumter Cabinet, Silver Furniture, Cochrane, Peters-Revington and Chromcraft Home. With a huge amount of collective experience and many generations behind them, these branches of Chromcraft Revington form a synergistic company that has met the furniture needs of families around the Midwest handily for a century or more.

Each branch of Chromcraft focuses on a distinct collection of furniture types. For example, the Chromcraft plant in Mississippi produces mostly modern office furniture such as ergonomic chairs, lounge seating and tables. The Sumter branch concentrates on fine, all-wood cabinetry. Put the wide range of choices from the different branches all together, and the permutations are practically endless.

The recent economic woes of the country, and of the world, have made a mark on this furniture giant. Chromcraft Revington, Inc. is going through a restructuring and some trying times. But the company comes from good pioneer stock, so it’s got a better chance than most of coming out strong on the other side.

Chromcraft Revington, Inc.
1330 Win Hentschel Bl, Suite 250
West Lafayette, IN 47906