Coachmen Industries Inc. Systems-Built Housing and Buses

Coachmen Industries Inc. has its corporate offices in Elkhart, Indiana, about 150 miles due north of Indianapolis and 20 miles from the southern tip of the Great Lake Michigan. Their construction plants are spread out through the Midwest in Colorado, Iowa, Virginia and North Carolina, as well as Indiana.

Coachmen makes systems-built housing, large housing construction projects such as apartments, hotels, condominiums and dormitories and ADA buses that run on both gas and diesel.

Models of the fine systems-built housing made by Coachmen include a cutting-edge line called “Solar Village,” with homes 100% powered by solar energy that can reduce the owner’s energy bill to zero, and beautiful “Ameri-Log Homes” which are updated, upscale versions of the good old American log cabin for the pioneer in all Midwesterners.

Coachmen Industries have every facet of dwelling-construction down to the proverbial science, from the initial design, to the engineering, budgeting and state-of-the-art construction. The buyer confers with the experts at Coachman, chooses all the components and simply waits for Coachmen craftsmen to produce the home in their facilities, under ideal indoor conditions. After it is installed on the buyer’s home site, the logs and other final exterior components are installed.

A joint venture between Coachmen Industries and ARBOC Mobility enabled the two giants to form Coachmen Specialty Vehicles. These are specialized ADA-accessible buses from 21 to 28 feet long that sport upgraded, up-to-the-minute modern features, such as  a wheelchair lift system and a hybrid engine.

The Hoosier city of Elkhart, Coachmen’s home town, has long borne the nickname “Trailer Capital of the World.” Coachmen Industries has taken Elkhart a long way down the road.

Coachmen Industries Inc. is one of the 50 largest publicly traded companies in Indiana.  They are publicly traded on the stock market under the symbol COHM.

Coachmen Industries Inc.
2831 Dexter Dr
Elkhart, IN 46514-8225
Fax: 574.266.2559