CTS Corp. Electronics Wholesaler in Elkhart, Indiana

CTS Corp. is a highly successful electronics manufacturer based out of Elkhart, Indiana. This small, tranquil town about 150 miles north of state capital Indianapolis has spawned, over the generations, several dynamic businesses, including CTS Corporation and Coachmen Industries, Inc., a world-class maker of systems-built housing. Both these giants are among the 50 largest public companies in Indiana.

CTS serves customers in the automotive, communications, computer, industrial, medical, aerospace and defense arenas. Though their products find homes in all four corners of the globe, the company’s roots are in the comfortable-sized communities of America, such as San Jose, Tucson and Albuquerque.

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In the late 1800s, the city of Elkhart cut the ribbon on only the second electric streetcar system in the whole world. It seems that CTS somehow inherited the gene for innovation in electronics that must be floating around the city. The company manufactures and markets a full line of automotive electronics, electrocomponents such as switches and resistors and electronic components such as crystal oscillators, clock generators and oscillators and jitter attenuation components.

CTS maintains facilities across the world’s northern hemisphere, from New Hampshire to New Mexico, from Thailand to Singapore. They are innovative designers whose electronic components, sensors and actuators can be found in countless precision products throughout the world. Their vision statement describes CTS as “a global, growth oriented … company, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for a better, safer and healthier world.”

In 2008, CTS had been around for 112 years. They were so proud, and rightly so, that the folks at Corporate Headquarters created the CTS “Heritage Room,” featuring memorabilia and displays through the generations since their inception in 1896. The same year saw much progress in the form of new growth and streamlined operations, which improved profit margins, though duringĀ  the latter half of the year evidence of the general global economic downslide began to affect not only the company but all its customers.

Nevertheless, sales, net earnings and investment returns were all up at the end of the year, and CTS Corporation finished the landmark year of 2008 with a great deal of optimism. The company that has witnessed, and been a part of, practically every electronic innovation in the past technological avalanche of a century today continues to keep excellent pace with a world gone crazy over electronics.

CTS Corp.
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