Escalade Inc. – Serious Play from Indiana

Escalade Inc. makes and distributes sports and office products. If you’ve ever picked up a dart, ping pong paddle, stapler or paper clip container, you’ve probably held an Escalade product in your hand.

The corporate headquarters for this mammoth company are in Evansville, Indiana, a small, quiet town about a three-hour drive southwest from Indianapolis. For more than 75 years, the companies that make up Escalade, Incorporated have maintained an excellent presence in these popular and competitive markets.

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Escalade is composed of two major divisions, their sporting goods sector and Martin Yale, their office supply sector. They make their sporting goods in Evansville, Indiana; Gainesville, Florida; Olney, Illinois; Tijuana, Mexico and they also have some affiliates in China. Their office products are made in Wabash, Indiana; Markdorf, Germany; Sanford, North Carolina; Tijuana, Mexico and through some Chinese affiliates as well.

From 1922 onward, Escalade Inc. has striven to expand and progress. Since its beginning as a shoe manufacturer, this company has completed intelligent, successful mergers and acquisitions all along the way. This is what makes a small, determined team into a big, dynamic one. Over the decades, these people have demonstrated that they have the kind of grit and integrity it takes to make it through the Great Depression, several wars and the trampoline of global economics. Though the recent downturn in the economy affected its stock in 2008, they will undoubtedly survive and continue to provide us with the little things we need to play seriously, like Swingline staplers and Atomic hockey games.

Escalade Inc. is publicly traded under the symbol of ESCA, on NASDAQ.

Escalade Inc.
817 Maxwell Av
Evansville, IN 47711