Satek Winery: Small Business Creates Award-Winning Wines

Satek Winery, located in the small town of Fremont, Indiana, got its start as a commercial vineyard, selling grapes to other Indiana wineries. The Indiana business grew rapidly, and in 2001, the sprawling grounds officially became home to Satek Winery.

The winery opened with four unique, high-quality wines, and by the end of 2001, twelve varieties were being produced. Since its inception, Satek has become one of the most popular wineries in the Hoosier state, with nearly 80% of its wines winning medals in the third largest international wine competition in the United States several years in a row. A few varieties have brought home gold metals to the proud owners of Satek Winery, Larry and Pam Satek.

Promotional video for Satek Winery in Fremont, Indiana; Satek Winery participates in the Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Festival in Indianapolis each year


If you’re interested in checking out what Satek Winery has to offer before making the drive to Fremont, check out their official website. In addition to a full wine listing, you can peruse a list of food pairings to help you get the most enjoyment out of your wine. And if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and are unsure of your specific vino tastes, check out the “How to Pick the Right Wine” column written by the owners.

Tours of the winery are given on weekends, and you can even take your own leisurely virtual tour of the gift shop, winemaking area, and vineyards on the website. Wine tastings are a daily event and you can sample any wine you would like during your visit to Satek.

If you’re interested in sampling Satek’s offerings and live in the Indianapolis area, be sure to mark the Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Festival on your calendar for next year. Held each June in downtown Indianapolis in scenic Military Park, this celebration of Indiana’s wine culture brings together more than 25 of the state’s wineries for your tasting pleasure.


In addition, some of the best restaurants in Indianapolis provide food to complement the wines, and there is live music all day long, sure to satisfy Indianapolis music lovers. Satek Winery participates each year in this eagerly anticipated summer celebration. Whether you attend the Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Festival or make the scenic drive to Fremont, Indiana, Indy wine lovers won’t want to miss out on the delicious varieties at Satek Winery.

Satek Winery
6208 N Van Guilder Rd
Fremont, Indiana 46737

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