1st Source Corporation: A Steadfast Banking Heritage

About 100 miles due north as the crow flies from Indianapolis, Indiana is a town called South Bend. 1st Source Corporation is, in fact, one of the 50 largest public companies in Indiana. This remarkable company has been in the banking business for over 140 years, and can point to its rich heritage of bedrock values that provide the solid foundation for the future, a foundation, they promise, you can bank on.

Only ten miles from one of Indiana’s business vortexes, Elkhart, this is the site where the 1st Source Corporation headquarters reside. South Bend is on the very northern border of Indiana, next to Michigan, which explains why this powerhouse of a company has spread its wings throughout both states.

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The company was formed in 1863 under the original name of 1st National Bank of South Bend. The pioneer spirit of the Midwest community from which 1st Source was born continues to be a driving force for the people who run the company today. In those days, everyone knew that if you didn’t help your neighbor, you were going to be disadvantaged. Helping one another is, therefore, a seminal trait that has been passed on by those brave and stalwart souls who first opened up the great Midwest and called it home.

Dramatic changes have followed the long life of this large financial institution, which has kept up with the good times and the bad in a way that is nothing short of inspiring. Knowledge and ethics form the foundation of 1st Source Corporation, and enable it to continue to grow and adjust to the winds of change.

Today the company, trading on the NASDAQ as “SRCE” and “SRCEO,” offers financial assistance in the form of banking services, wealth management and various types of financing for personal, small business and corporation usage.

Personal Banking

1st Source personal banking, online and offline, is geared toward offering all the normal banking services you’re accustomed to, and much more. Sound advice and straight talk is the name of the game.

Business Banking

1st Source wants to help your business grow. They see themselves as a kind of business partner who can put tons of great experience and resources at your beck and call to create a win-win outcome.

Asset Management

This section of 1st Source Corporation is comprised of four divisions: Investment Management, Trust Services, Retirement Planning and “Wasatch – 1st Source Mutual Funds.”

Specialty Finance

This important appendage of the First Source family has been sculpting nationwide special financing since 1976 for the acquisition of automobile fleets, heavy trucks, environmental and construction equipment and even aircraft.

Companies such as 1st Source Bank provide the nitty-gritty clockwork that keep the wheels of America turning. 1st Source Bank has been named one of the top 100 most trusted companies in the United States.

1st Source Corporation
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