Starkey Park in Zionsville

Starkey Park is a 77-acre stretch of land located north of Indianapolis, at 667 Sugarbush Drive in Zionsville. The park offers three miles of nature hiking attracts community groups, families and nature lovers all year round. Amenities include shelter, fishing, and plenty of space to walk the dog.


Starkey Park can also be accessed via Eagle Creek Park, which is located on the west side of Indianapolis. Both Eagle Creek and Starkey Parks are heavily wooded areas that have extensive nature preserves. Starkey Park was named in 1974 after the generous land donor, Lucile Starkey, whose wish was to conserve nature and help educate people about human impact on the environment.

wooded-trail-at-starkey-parkStarkey Park is also home to the annual Zionsville Anti-Mini Marathon, an event that was originated by someone who was rejected from the Indianapolis 500 Festival‘s Mini Marathon. As a statement against established corporate events, the Zionsville Running Club member started a new tradition. Every spring approximately 250 runners take part in the no-frills Zionsville Anti-Mini Marathon at Starkey Park.

Other Starkey Park Photos

kids-having-fun-at-starkey-parkKids Having Fun at Starkey Nature Park

woods-at-starkey-parkA Wooded Scene at Starkey Nature Park

foot-bridge-in-wooded-trail-at-starkey-parkA Foot Bridge in Starkey Nature Park

starkey-park-informational-signA Map Shows the Lay of the Land at Starkey Nature Park

photo-of-woods-at-starkey-parkRocks along a Path in Starkey Nature Park

homes-for-sale-near-starkey-parkHomes for Sale Near Starkey Park

Starkey Park
667 Sugarbush Drive
Zionsville, IN 46077