Patrick Industries Inc: Putting it All Together in Elkhart, Indiana

Patrick Industries Inc. has their corporate headquarters office in Elkhart, Indiana, a smallish town about 150 miles to the north of state capital, Indianapolis.

Patrick Industries manufactures and distributes a wide array of products that make life a lot easier and has proven themselves to be so successful at it that the company went public in 1968, only nine years after it was founded.

From its inception in 1959 until the latter part of the 1980s, Patrick Industries concentrated on supplying the local burgeoning “Manufactured Housing” industry with panels, custom vinyls from their laminating division, drawer sides, aluminum products and windows.

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By the late 1980s, when the company, guided by a new president, was undergoing a change of direction, Patrick Industries metamorphosed from a recreational vehicle and manufactured housing supplier into suppliers for other, broader, industries, such as cabinet and furniture makers. The company continues to expand and blossom.

Patrick Industries is made up of the following divisions:

Adorn Door

This section of the company creates prefabricated and custom module-type pieces to “adorn” any door or door type.

Custom Vinyls

The custom vinyls division is enormous for Patrick, with branches in Alabama, California, Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Tennessee, Oregon, Texas and Pennsylvania. Patrick facilities have the precision equipment and the professionals to run them to laminate within 2 mil vinyls, low-pressure melamine or 30-50 gram papers. Patrick is thus the top laminator in the entire nation.

Interior Components

Ever notice those thin metal things on the sides and bottoms of drawers? At the Patrick Interior Components division, they make a huge variety of those. In fact, if you ever want to build a drawer, they can supply every single component you need. They ship to big builders every day of the week from their locations in California, Indiana and Texas.

Patrick Distribution

What good is a company that can make all this extremely useful stuff if they can’t get it to you? Patrick has created an entire division to make sure their customers receive every single order with what they call “Just in Time” delivery. The company’s distribution centers are in Alabama, California, Arizona, Indiana, Georgia, Minnesota, Kansas, Oregon, Texas and Pennsylvania. It takes that many locations to assure on-time delivery to any place in the nation of the sought-after Patrick products.

Patrick Metals

Patrick Industries maintains a high-tech extrusion plant where they make custom-engineered aluminum extrusions, from simple to complex forms. Back in the 1980’s, Patrick started creating custom extrusions that go into end-products such as office furniture, windows and many specialty items, using the most modern equipment available in the world.

Some, but not all, of Patrick’s building products you are liable to come across in any part of the United States and beyond are: Finishing materials, drywall, Gypsum, interior passage doors, mirrors, ceramic tile and adhesives. Have you seen those walls with slots in them, where you can hang things? The SlotWall is made by Patrick.

High technology, vast know-how and expertise combine in the company of Patrick Industries to fill needs in many, many specialized niche markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. Patrick Industries Inc. is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol “PATK.”

Patrick Industries Inc. Headquarters
107 W Franklin St
POB 638
Elkhart, IN 46515
Fax: 574.522.5213
Toll-free: 800.331.2351