Supreme Industries Inc: Diversified Truck, Motorhomes and Laminates

Supreme Industries Inc deals in the manufacture of truck bodies, armored vehicles, shuttle buses, luxury motor coaches, homeland response vehicles and portable storage containers.

Supreme Industries is one of the 50 largest public companies in Indiana, with headquarters in Goshen, about 150 miles due north of Indianapolis.

With eleven service and manufacturing sites, Supreme Industries has their strategic locations well-situated to serve their many customers.

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The company is renowned for its diversification in truck bodies, with the widest range in the nation. Founded in 1974, Supreme Industries is the only company of its kind on the stock market. Super operates several divisions.

supremeSupreme Truck Bodies

Nationally noted as the company that offers the most diversified list of truck bodies, Supreme Truck Bodies maintains six separate, strategically located plants across the United States.

Supreme Specialty Vehicles

This is the company everybody goes to to get their armored vehicles, bomb squad vehicles, cash in transit, S.W.A.T., prisoner transport, R.D.V., command center, crime scene, mobile lab, search and rescue vehicles. Armored cars are unfortunately a necessity for many businesses, and Supreme Specialty Vehicles makes every possible model.

Star Trans Bus

This juggernaut of a sub-division cranks out 14 highly distinct and distinctive buses, from their Sentinel Series Sport Top Model, the smallest, to an honest-to-goodness old-fashioned trolley car. This is one of the leading bus manufacturers in the country, with factories in Goshen, Indiana and Jonestown, Pennsylvania.

Silver Crown Luxury Motorcoach

The Silver Crown division makes several different motor homes in different sizes and for unique purposes. Their base, in White Pigeon, Michigan, has been distributing these luxury products for more than twenty years, to wanderers and free-thinkers from across the United States, Canada and beyond.

Master Fab Composites

This Supreme Industries division does precision molding. From tiny custom components such as a light housing to the nose cone of a Class A motor home, you name it, Master Fab will fabricate it.

Tower Structural Laminating

This is a state-of-the-art “vertical laminating facility,” one of the most modern in the world, where the product is flat mold sidewall panels, laminated from plywood substrates and perfectly customized to the client’s specifications.

Trading on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol “STS,” and providing products that are always in high demand, Supreme Industries is well-poised to weather the present and future economic storm.

Supreme Industries Inc
2518 Lincolnway E
Goshen, IN 46526-7302