Flynnville Train: The Next Generation of Indiana Country

Hailing from Muncie, Indiana, home of Ball State University, country rockers Flynnville Train are anything but your Top 40 country band. The group, which often plays in Indianapolis music circles, combines influences as diverse as Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash on their quest to simultaneously get back to the roots of country music and evolve the genre to a higher level of musicality, a mission that is sure to take Indianapolis country music fans by storm.

Flynnville Train is comprised of four musicians who had been friends, coworkers, and brothers for several years before forming the country music group in 2001. These four members have been together so long, they have honed their skills so that they operate like a well oiled piece of machinery, with each member operating in perfect unison with the others. The group features Brian Flynn on lead vocals, brother Brent Flynn on lead guitar and backup vocals, Tim Beeler on bass, and Tommy Bales on drums.

Video of Indianapolis music group Flynnville Train performing “High on the Mountain” in 2007


Each member of Flynnville Train comes from the heart of the United States and has a blue collar history of hard work, traditional family values, and dedication to their craft. Hoosier blood flows through their veins, and they know what it’s like to be down on your luck, to work a 50 hour week in a factory or on a farm, to come home to your family knowing that you’re the one putting food on the table. This life experience gives their music and their lyrics that signature Flynnville Train edge and honesty. When this band performs, you know that they’re playing from the heart.

However, Flynnville Train is anything but sentimental. The band’s music is pure rock and roll, and is liable to get any Indianapolis bar, big or small, up and dancing, stomping, and hollering. Flynnville Train incorporates standard honky-tonk elements like fiddle and rock steady alternating bass, but they infuse it all with a rollicking hard edge using soaring guitar solos and invigorating vocal delivery. “We’re a southern rock band,” frontman Brian Flynn says, “and we’re really filling a void that’s been open for a long time.” In their live shows, Flynnville Train brings the house down with passion, energy, and a good natured vibe that gets everybody smiling.

Music video for “Nowhere than Somewhere” by Indianapolis music group Flynnville Train

The band is so good live, as a matter of fact, that country superstar Toby Keith signed the band to his Show Dog Nashville record label after seeing them perform in 2006. Keith is reported to have said that he was “hooked” on the band as soon as he popped in Flynnville Train’s demo, but was further convinced by the excellent stage presence of the band. Flynnville Train released an eponymous album with Show Dog Nashville in 2007, currently the band’s only full length studio release. Flynnville Train, the album, contains two hit singles, “Last Good Time” and “Nowhere Than Somewhere”, both of which earned spots on the Hot Country Songs charts, as well as garnering attention from Indianapolis media outlets and the national media.

In April of 2009, Flynnville Train chose to leave Show Dog Nashville in order to pursue their own vision. Flynn says there are no hard feelings between the band and Toby Keith, who continues to stay in contact with the band through the occasional call and e-mail. The band is busy recording a second album and trying to decide on a new label. They’ve gotten several offers, but so far have not signed with anyone.

Video of Indianapolis music group Flynnville Train performing “Redneck Side of Me” in Maryland

The new record will be made up of mostly original songs, including one garnered from an unlikely source: a hot dog vendor in Nashville. The song is called “The Old Home”, and Flynnville Train is excited about releasing it. “It’s rare when a song has powerful lyrics and a good melody,” Flynn says, “but that song has it all. It’s probably one of the best songs I’ve heard, and nobody took this guy seriously.” It’s a good thing Flynnville Train is all about the little man, because otherwise this fantastic tune might have never seen the light of day.

Currently, Flynnville Train is hard at work touring and recording the followup to their debut full length. The band took part in 2009’s Bailout Tour with Cody McCarver, a tour that took Flynnville Train to Tennessee, Michigan, and other states.

Video of Indianapolis music group Flynnville Train performing “Tequila Sheila”


Their touring has taken them all over the country, including venues in Ohio, Florida, and New Mexico. The band has also played in countless cities in Indiana, like Springville, Anderson (home of Anderson University), Portland, Gaston, Muncie, Yorktown, Buckwildz Bar and Restaurant in Indianapolis, Marion, and Mooresville. Flynnville Train has played many county fairs, though they have yet to perform at the Indiana State Fairgrounds during the Indiana State Fair.

In 2010, Flynnville Train is planning on hosting its own music festival in small Middletown, Indiana, a town about ten miles east of Anderson. The festival will be called the Flynnville Festival, and will bring tons of musicians, fans, and vendors to the area. When asked about the future of Flynnville Train, Brian Flynn simply said: “There’s very, very good music coming soon.”

For more information on Flynnville Train, including tour dates, song samples, and videos, please visit the band’s homepage.

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