The Blood Reckoning: Punishing Kokomo Death Metal

Indianapolis is home to a lot of raging music. The Emerson Theatre and other Indianapolis music venues are regular hosts to hardcore bands, metal bands, metalcore bands, punk bands, and all sorts of other misfits, freaks, and outcasts that strike terror into the hearts of polo shirt wearing, luxury car driving “normal” people.

Kokomo, Indiana band The Blood Reckoning is yet another in the long line of scary looking kids scaring other scary looking kids. Like another Indianapolis band, Summon the Destroyer, The Blood Reckoning plays death metal. Death metal is a subgenre of metal that usually employs blast beat drumming, crazy guitar work, guttural vocals, dynamic tempo shifts, and unconventional song structure. It’s like an extremely angry version of acid jazz, but with double bass. Fans of The Blood Reckoning are used to getting their ears pummeled by the band’s ferocity, and there’s a lot of moshing, windmill kicking, and two stepping at the band’s live shows.

Video of Indianapolis area band The Blood Reckoning performing “Cowards” live


The Blood Reckoning is made up of five angry looking Kokomo youths: Blake Allen, whose long lion’s mane of hair and coaster sized plugs make him a real presence on stage, handles the vocals; Kyle Shaw and Drew Osborne are the guitar corps that will make your ears bleed and your eyeballs pop out of their sockets; Adam Kilgore beats the living daylights out of his drumset, a bright green, multi-cymbaled array of tom-toms and fury; and Ryan Dillon handles the bass, making sure the power of the metal resonates your very soul. The group has been destroying conceptions of what music is since 2005, and it looks like they’re on their way up.

Video of Indianapolis area band The Blood Reckoning performing live in Bristol, Indiana


Although The Blood Reckoning is death metal, they still have a lot in common with many Indianapolis metalcore bands like Haste the Day, Gwen Stacy, and The Goodnight Horizon. The band is a Christian group that uses “Devil music for Jesus”, according to the multi-colored t-shirts that are on sale at their online store. For those that are used to light, fragile worship music, The Blood Reckoning’s brand of death metal may seem a trifle unorthodox for Christian worship, but the group is serious about promoting the message of Christ. “Our ministry revolves around love,” frontman Blake Allen has said, “We don’t pressure people or shove our beliefs down their throat, but reach kids on a personal basis and connect with them through accepting them and loving them for who they are.”

A video of Indianapolis area band The Blood Reckoning playing “Legion” live


In 2008, The Blood Reckoning signed with Christian label Sancrosanct Records, an imprint of the larger Raging Storm Records. Prior to the signing with Sancrosanct, the band recorded and released several demos that showcased the band’s ever-improving ability. In March of 2009, The Blood Reckoning released their first album on Sancrosanct, an eponymous full length. The Blood Reckoning featured songs like “Leviathan”, “Paul Ain’t Saul No More”, and “War With The Beast”, further continuing the band’s tradition of busting heads while preaching the Gospel at the same time.

Video of Indianapolis area band The Blood Reckoning playing at the Kokomo Event Center


Currently, The Blood Reckoning is on a tour of the East Coast, fittingly called “The Beast Coast Tour”, with Ohio metal band THEGUNSHOW. The tour is taking the band to dozens of venues in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida. Since they’re from nearby Kokomo, The Blood Reckoning has also played at many Indianapolis bars and Indianapolis music venues, including the Irving Theatre and that hotspot of the harder side of music, the Emerson Theatre.

The Blood Reckoning is just starting their journey of judgement and holy hellfire, and with their recent signing to Sancrosanct, it looks like they’ll be bringing the thunder on Indiana residents for many years to come.

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