Wabash National Corporation: Indiana Trucking Magnate

Wabash National Corporation makes and markets truck trailers and a raft of related products in the transportation equipment industry. Trading on the New York Stock exchange under the profile symbol “WNC,” the company is one of the 50 largest public businesses in Indiana.

The folks at Wabash National are proud of their company’s enormous success, as well they might be. Wabash National Corporation has claimed a top spot in its field practically since its inception in 1985. It only took six years of extremely rapid growth in sales for the powers that be at Wabash National to make the decision to go public, in 1991. They hit a record trailer production level in 1999 of 70,000 units in one year. Wabash National manufactures their products in Lafayette, Indiana; Harrison Arkansas; Anna, Illinois and Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.

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The company is divided into two subsidiaries, Transcraft Corporation and Wabash National Trailer Centers. Wabash National designs and produces refrigerated and dry freight vans, drop deck, flatbed and dump trailers and intermodal equipment, under the brand names of DuraPlate, ArcticLite and Eagle. The company also operates National Trailer centers across the United States, which sell both new and used trailers and parts.

The Wabash National Corporate headquarters are located in Lafayette, Indiana, just about 60 miles to the northwest of the state capital, Indianapolis.

Here is a brief summary of their product line:

DuraPlate Dry Vans

The “DuraPlate” brand dry van lasts longer and gives the best value of any similar product on the market. Wabash trailers sport a special composite design for all the panels, which results in superlative performance. DuraPlate trailers are renowned in the industry for their strength and durability. There are well over 300,000 of the DuraPlate vans rolling down the highways, helping the country run smoothly and connecting the dots on the map of the nation.

Another brand of dry van produced by Wabash National is the FreightPro. This line has recently received a load of expanded options to make them even better, enhancements such as the new heavier plastic liner for the interior, which improves product protection, and the new added interior width.

DuraPlate Pups

These are vans that allow the owner to realize applications of the “less-than-truckload” category. This reduces the vehicle’s overall cost, in the long run. The DuraPlate composite sidewalls combine maximum cargo space with the best durability in the industry today.

ArcticLite Refrigerated Vans

This Wabash National product line sets the industry standard for excellence in refrigerated vans. Their standard features maximize performance and thermal efficiency, while maintaining a lightweight overall design. Some of these standard features are:

  • “SolarGuard” roofing material to shield against UV ray absorption.
  • High-density poly-ethylene floors resist rust and reduce the overall weight.
  • Maximum thermal efficiency attained through the use of computer-controlled foam injection to fill spaces in the sidewalls.

Transcraft Benson International Products

In July of 2008, Wabash National acquired some Benson International assets for a $5 million price tag. The purpose was to expand the company’s offerings to include a platform trailer line made of lightweight aluminum, providing lower fuel consumption costs. This line of trailers complements the Wabash Transcraft collection of steel and combination flatbeds. The transaction also opened up a huge dump trailer market for the company.

The stated vision of this giant of a company is to be the best in North America at what they do, which is the design, manufacture and servicing of transportation products. It would appear that, year after year, they succeed admirably.

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