Jamaal Tinsley | Indiana Pacers Point Guard, a Talented Problem Child

Jamaal Tinsley, point guard for the Indiana Pacers out of Indianapolis, seems to be out of wind, out of sail and out of luck, at least for a while. Attitude problems and more have caused the Pacers to remove his name from what used to be his locker.

A talented athlete, Tinsley might just go out with a whimper, but that remains to be seen. Tinsley has a reputation as being somewhat injury-prone and, in fact, played fewer than half the Pacers’ 2007-08 games.

Bottom line, the unfortunate athlete will be replaced by point T.J. Ford for at least the present season, says Pacer head coach, Jim O’Brien.


Throughout his pre-professional basketball career, Tinsley distinguished himself on several occasions at Mount San Jacinto College and Iowa State. Before that time, his fame was limited to street ball play, where his nickname was “Mel Mel the Abuser,” at Rucker Park in New York City, home of the brave among amateur basketball contenders.

DuringĀ  his initial season with the NBA, Jamaal Tinsley was All-Rookie Second Team for the 2001-02 season. He may not have exactly changed the face of Indianapolis sports as we know them, but opportunities may yet present themselves for Jamaal to shine as a bright Indianapolis basketball star, or even for a different basketball team. Problem child or no, Jamaal Tinsley is still one of the famous people of Indianapolis.