Fireworks of Glass exhibit in Spacequest Planetarium

If you have kids in Indianapolis, you must let them take you to the famous Indianapolis Children’s Museum to check out the “Fireworks of Glass” installation. Located in beautiful and magnetic downtown Indianapolis, this facility is considered one of the most unique in the country. Many cities in Indiana, especially Indianapolis, possess wonderful and unique museums, but this one is hands down the favorite for the children.

Fireworks of Glass, by artist Dale Chihuly, is his largest blown-glass installation of many large pieces. Visitors to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum will find the 43-foot tall multi-colored glass tower residing in the core of the Indianapolis museum, and rising up, up and up to crown the tall ceiling. Circling the ramps, visitors can read various informative labels detailing how Chihuly created the masterful glass tower.

An exhibit area below the museum’s ceiling is hands-on. Adults and children alike can try their hand at making polyvitro sculptures, and take in the awesome, colorful glass-bedecked ceiling above them from a revolving platform. 

Now showing in the SpaceQuest® Planetarium: Chihuly’s World of Glass
Take a fifteen-minute tour around the glassblowing process at the Planetarium.