Fringe Next Preview: Fringe Festival Spotlights the Stars of Tomorrow

If you are looking to get a taste of what can be expected during the upcoming indyFringe Festival there are two great preview events coming up this weekend. Tomorrow night get down to The IndyFringe Building and take in the last Fringe Friday event before the big August event. This Saturday evening, August 1st @ 7pm , will be the  preview of a preview so to speak. Please bare with me.

Four years ago the indyFringe festival started a program called Fringe Next which is used to showcase mostly local high school students who are up and coming performers. These young artists, thespians and musicians are given a great opportunity through Fringe Next to show the Indianapolis arts community what the future holds. While Fringe Next will run simultaneously with the indyFringe Festival, Saturday night they too will give a preview of what to expect this year. One of the best features about Saturday night is the event’s host Jared Sherlock was a performer in the first year of Fringe Next back in 2006. While Jared is now a much sought after magician, in 2008 he was awarded by the Wall Street Journal for having one of the top 20 dorm based businesses in the country, he has not forgotten where he comes from. Not only will Jared open the evening with a performance of his own but he will MC the rest of the evening.

This is a fantastic opportunity to for all of Indianapolis to get acquainted with both the new Fringe Theatre building just off of  Mass Ave and to whet their appetites for some great local art. While the performers of this years Fringe Next preview will be the best part of the evening the fact that the event is free should make the decision that much easier.

This Indianapolis event is a great excuse to get you and the rest of the family out and about this weekend and did I mention it’s free? In a few years when these rising stars have hit the big time and a single ticket to one of their shows cost an arm and a leg you can tell all your friends you saw them way back when, for free. With all of the money you saved why not take in one of the near by downtown Indianapolis restaurants like Agio’s or the Rathskeller Restaurant.

Whether you are curious to see the new IndyFringe Theatre itself or want to get a taste of what you can expect come the end of August, the Fringe Next preview night is sure to please all who come.  For more information you can check out the indyFringe website or the Fringe Next website. I’ll be there, will you?

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