Theater on Mass Ave Opens New Show

The Phoenix Theater, on Mass Ave in Indianapolis, has a new show running: The Dos and Don’ts of Time Travel, a madcap adventure of a girl tripping through time. The Phoenix Theater is famous throughout the Circle City for producing Midwest Premieres for up and coming playwrights. Because of this the work at the Phoenix has become a valuable asset to Indianapolis performing arts.

The Dos and Don’ts of Time Travel is the last production of their season, and what a way to end a year. With two cute and quirky female leads, playing the same person, playwright, Nicholas Wardigo, seems to have taken a leaf from Shakespeare’s folio of The Comedy of Errors. On top of the fast paced plot that keeps you laughing, Wardigo offers some tidbits of his own throughout about the philosophy of time travel, making for a heady experience.


On their website the Phoenix Theater describes the show: “Zoey, who lives with Sally Bowles abandon and Holly Golightly charm, learns to time travel through sheer force of will. She continually comes back to her partner, Claire, a more traditional soul, hoping to end up somewhere in time when everything is perfect in their lives.”

The show has gotten rave reviews from NUVO Newsweekly’s Josefa Bayer, who said, “Time Travel is an enjoyable ride that allows us to ponder our pop culture past and pop through time with an undefeatable spirit.” The Indianapolis Star concurrs giving Brian Fonseca’s design a calvicade of compliments.

Butler University student, Kelli Johnson, plays Zoey One. Her education from Butler’s Theater Department has paid off as she dazzles audiences night after night. Her counterpart Zoey Two, played by Sarah M. Grant, makes for an enjoyable romp through time. The cast is rounded out by beautiful performances from Elena Flores and Sara Riemen, who play Claire and Rachel respectively.

For tickets visit the Phoenix Theater’s website, or call their box office at 317.635.PLAY. The show runs from July 16 to August 15. Do not miss your chance to time travel with the cast of The Dos and Don’ts of Time Travel. And if you are on a budget, check out Cheap Seats Thursdays, where discount tickets are offered to everyone regardless of age. The next time you are looking for something fun to do, check out one of Indy’s best theaters around.

The Dos and Don’ts of Time Travel
August, 2009

The Phoenix Theatre
749 North Park Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46202