Indiana State Fair: Food’s the Thing

INDIANAPOLIS – On top of the batter dipped, deep-fried Twinkies, what more could one expect other than chocolate-covered bacon? It’s true, without a doubt, that many Indiana State Fair visitors look forward all year to this moment in time when you simply are allowed to indulge yourself and abuse your cholesterol level.

Along with the highly recognizable favorites, such as the deep-fried candy bars, fairgoers will have the opportunity this year to experience bierock, which is a pocket pastry filled with ground beef, sauerkraut and onion, deep-fried green beans and, of course, the must-try chocolate-covered bacon.

People reportedly love the chocolate-covered bacon, its sweetness and saltiness. And it’s a real novelty, which makes it automatically attractive.


The 2009 Indiana State Fair honors the “Year of the Tomatoes,” more healthy comestibles, to be sure. Presented by Red Gold, this venue will sport tomato-based goodies such as the Fair’s signature food, deep-fried pizza.

August 18 is “State Fair Tuesday,” when food stands all around the mammoth Indiana State Fairgrounds offer $2 specials all day long.


Did we mention the State Fair cream puffs? Or lemon shake-ups? Or Walking Tacos? Or Hot Beef Sunday? Or Strawberry shortcake?…

Some of the best restaurants in Indianapolis and thereabouts are represented at the Indiana State Fair every year, but the novelty concessions always maintain a high profile. Adults and children of Indianapolis, and all over the state of Indiana, look forward for twelve months to the new culinary surprises they know fair will bring.

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