Indianapolis Pummeled by Thunderstorms

Two thunderstorms poured nearly four inches of rain on Indianapolis Tuesday morning, leaving tens of thousands of residents without electricity. The 60-mile-an hour winds from the severe storms knocked down power lines and trees from Greenwood to Fishers causing the mass outage. While the storm produced only small hail, the 3.45 inches of rain resulted in flash floods, closing roads and slowing traffic around Marion, Johnson and Hamilton counties.


Many motorists pushed onward through flash flood waters only to find their cars stalled in areas where the water had reached one-foot-deep.  Commuters were further inconvenienced by temporary closings of stretches of I-70 West and I-65 South. Still, at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, driving around Downtown Indianapolis was a chore as many intersections still did not have working stop lights. The damage from the storms was extensive and, though no injuries were reported, many properties were damaged including a home in Brownsburg that was struck by lightning.

According to the National Weather Service Tuesday August 4, 2009 was the second rainiest August day on record. And while many people recovered from the damaging storms, some people were not deterred by Tuesday’s weather. Workers at the in Indiana State Fairgrounds continued to set up rides for the Indiana State Fair near the Pepsi Coliseum even as the midway flooded with rainwater.